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Welcome to my blog! January 4, 2008

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Look at this!  After all my valiant attempts to talk myself out of it, here I am, throwing my random thoughts into the blog world.  So many of my friends were doing it, I decided I had to start my own.

 My blog site gets its name from the conversation that follows any introduction I’m part of:

 “Hi, I’m Kemi.  It’s nice to meet you.”

” Kimmy?  Kami?  Tammy?  What?”

“Nope, Kemi.  K-E-M-I, like ‘chemistry’.  It’s Japanese.”

“Oh.  That’s pretty.  I’ve never heard that name before.  Okay.  Kemi.  Chemistry.  I can remember that.”

I’ve found that life is often like that.  I think I’m speaking as clearly as possible, using vivid imagery and making a solid, irrefutable mental picture, when I realize that for all my verbal prowess, my target audience is staring at me with a befuddled, glazed-eye stare.  I’ve decided that is has less to do with my delivery and more to do with my listeners’ limited experience with the chosen subject matter, just like with my name.

That has to be it, right?


9 Responses to “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. Hey Kemi! Yes, you are right. It’s the other person’s limited experience that leads to the befuddled stare. 😉

    Welcome to blogland. I wish you great success and much introspection!

  2. daisygirl19 Says:

    Thanks, FW. You’re welcome to drop by any time!

  3. Mercedes Says:

    Kemi! So glad to see you here! I miss you! I’ve changed my addiction from MySpace to WordPress…hopefully we will see more of each other now!

    It was Daisy in the garden with the Bamboo and Lotus Spritzer!


  4. Hey Daisy! What fun to see you got a blog – welcome to the land of blogville. 😀


  5. HH Says:

    Cool Blog Kemi!!!!

  6. Accountable Says:

    Yippee!! Welcome to the blogging world!

  7. Curious, along with Missy the Cat Says:

    Hi Kemi! Good to see you here in the blogosphere! Come and visit my blog when you have a moment – it’s

  8. Just wanted to say hello and great blog!

  9. Winnie/pooh&tigger2 Says:

    Hey, just stopped by to say hi!! I pray all is well with you!!

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