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Abbie, a work-in-progress January 7, 2008

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Are there any fellow cross-stitchers out there?


Cross stitch is a passion of mine, and I thought I’d post a little about a project I’m working on right now. 


My sister recently had her first baby (my kids’ first cousin on my side!) in early December. Cross-stitch is a hobby we both share, and when all my kids were born, she stitched something for each of them. I thought I’d surprise her with this piece.  She is a huge lighthouse fanatic, so I thought the beach fit in nicely. Plus, my precious new niece Abbie has lots of beautiful dark hair.   What I’ve completed so far on my herculean project is below.

I’ve been working on this since mid-September.  I had hoped to have it finished by Abbie’s birthday, December 5, and then Christmas, but it was just too big and, well, I have four children.  Enough said. 


Progress as of October 3

October 3


Progress as of October 20

October 20


November 9

November 9


November 30

November 30


December 17

December 17


December 24, 2007

December 24


11 Responses to “Abbie, a work-in-progress”

  1. Accountable Says:

    Beautiful!! Sometimes I wish I were crafty, but I’m not. 😦

  2. HH Says:

    Kemi you have way more patience than I do. I tend to do small scale projects when cross stitching. It is beatufil and I am sure when she is all grown up she will treasure this wonderful gift from her Auntie Kemi!

  3. Wow, that’s really come along!!! It’s gorgeous!

    Do you have your next project lined up?

    I used to cross stitch. I’m afraid now I would need the large font cross stitch kits.

  4. Mercedes Says:

    I love the way you show pics of this in progress. My fingers won’t allow me to do things like this…too stiff.

    HH~how are ya? When you gonna join us in the blog world?
    Peer Pressure!

  5. Busty Says:

    Kemi, you’ve got me wanting to get back into sewing. I used to embroider and quilt. My grandma taught me at a young age, I used to go to quilting bees with her. Unfortunately there is no time for making quilts now! That is a very beautiful project, you are talented.

    Mer, I’m working as HH’s techno guide dog, hopefully soon we’ll have her understanding enough to set up her own blog! LOL

  6. pppj Says:

    Oh man, I hotglue gun my daughter’s brownie patches on the uniform

    I am ill equipped for this conversation.

  7. HH Says:

    Rof PPPJ, you and I are cut from the same cloth! I am a diva with a glue gun, too bad the clothes wouldn’t hold together better. Sewing is the most frustrating thing ever, in fact I would venture to say I actually despise it. Each time I try to make something it never resembles what it should, I get frustrated and it takes too long. If you ask me going to the store and buying what you need is easier.

  8. pinkbeefs Says:

    lol, pppj/high hopes. Imagine my horror when my neighbor, the fellow GS leader with me didn’t tell me that secret of her success in getting stuff done until AFTER we’d been in GS for 5 years. I abhor crafts, but admire people who can do them. Your cross-stitch is beautiful, Kemi! A belated Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. 🙂

  9. Angel.too Says:

    Hey gal!

    I used to cross-stitch A LOT – before the kids came over and before I started my ebay business. The last one I did was for my hubby for our first Christmas – 5 years ago – a gorgeous eagle on a cliff.

    I still have everything – one day I’ll do it again.

    My mom taught me when I was in the 6th grade.

    Your work is beautiful! Keep us posted of her progress!

  10. Hey Kemi, you are almost done!

    I love cross stiching, but I can almost never do big projects like that. I always seem to make some mistake right in the middle, and then I just try to deal with it by adjusting the pattern, but then I get frustrated and quit. So now I just do tiny ones.

    Anyway, I’m impressed. It’s quite lovely!

  11. Monique Says:

    well I pretty much eat,sleep,and breathe cross stitch LOL
    Nice stitching 🙂

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