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My Blog Epiphany February 16, 2008

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     I had one today.  A big one.  A light bulb moment where I gave myself a mental slap and said, “Kemi, that makes such perfect sense!”

     I have three new blog posts in various stages of completion, and I have stopped and started on them more times than I can count.  Earlier today, in an act of frustration (and sickness, ’cause guess who picked up the superbug that the flu shot didn’t prevent?) I almost deleted my blog.  I’m not posting regularly, and by the time I get my entries polished enough for display, they are no longer timely.  I’ve been frustrated and full of guilt, especially when all my other blog buddies are posting several times a week– some several times a day.  (I know…  overachievers.)  ha ha

     Well, I was doing some tag surfing, and what I realized was, not every entry has to be 1000 words in length.  It doesn’t have to be profound, it doesn’t have to inspire or motivate someone (although that’s always a nice benefit), and it doesn’t even have to be relevant to anyone but me.  I need to quit thinking less and just put some stuff out there.  I’m not a writer suffering from writer’s block.  I’m a woman, a mom, a wife, a neighbor, a friend, a volunteer and a former teacher, and if that doesn’t give me enough to write about, even briefly, THEN I will consider deleting my blog, but I have waaaaaaay too much material to give up just yet. 

     My goal for the rest of the month is to post something every day.  I’ll try to make it relevant, or at least entertaining if you promise to drop by and comment.  Or tell me hello.


11 Responses to “My Blog Epiphany”

  1. Marvelous Light Says:

    I would be happy to stop by to say “Hi!” or leave a comment, Kemi! I think you’re one smart cookie anyway!!

  2. unbee Says:

    yay! we want more Kemi!

  3. pppj Says:

    Sounds perfect to me!

  4. PUR Says:

    Great Job! Does this mean my comments don’t have to be that long, either? LOL!

  5. Accountable Says:

    Yeah!! I know that my blog posts aren’t usually very long. Sometimes too long (to me) means I don’t read it all. 😦

  6. gr8brainfarts Says:

    LOL! If a blog post has to be relevant or meaningful, well, I don’t know what to say to that! 🙂 I’m just gonna use mine to spew random things that are in my head. Consider that a warning! 🙂

  7. gr8brainfarts Says:

    P.S. I love your blog posts. ESPECIALLY the air quotes one. I just about died laughing on that one!!!

  8. Kemi Says:

    Thank you. We’ve moved on from “air quotes” to singing all the Hannah Montana songs from memory. I could cry.

  9. pppj08 Says:

    You get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS…..

    Kemi – I endured the concert..oh my yes…..

    Pumpin’ up the party now,

  10. Mercedes Says:

    I too have 3 unfinished posts. As for how to blog~I blog for me, myself, and I. Like I stated in my “I BLog? page~I do it for me~memories~recollections…basically for my memory so when I start to forget~I can go back and remember-LOL! See~I already forgot about you being a teacher~and wallah-now I clearly remember. But I will never forget that it was “Daisy, in the garden, with the lotus and bamboo spritzer”! Aaaahhh~such fun! Glad to have you back! *waving to everyone else*


  11. PUR Says:

    Mercedes: You waving to me, too??? It has been a wild ride, huh! LOL! *waving to Mere*

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