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My Favorite Articles of Clothing March 3, 2008

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     It’s almost bedtime.  The kids are happily slumbering away and I’m already in my pajamas, so I thought this would be the perfect day to write about which articles of clothing I just can’t live without…

1.  Comfy Pajamas

     It doesn’t matter whether they’re fleecy or cotton or jersey.  If they are stretchy and they feel good, I love them. 

2.  Chamois Socks

     My mom bought me some of these from Costco four years ago when I had Hannah, and they are easily my favorite footwear in the winter.  I don’t like to stuff them into shoes (too tight!) so I wear them like slippers.  All my super comfy socks are dark and matted on the bottom, even when they’re fresh from the dryer, but I love that I can pad around in them all day long and my toes never get cold.  Even on those quick trips to the freezer in the garage.

3.  My Knee-Length Sweater

     I got this just after Christmas from an online site called “Silhouettes”.  It cost me $20.  It makes me feel stylish and comfy at the same time, and I love that instead of buttoning, it is fastened by two thin satin ribbons that tie together in a cute bow at the empire waist.  When my husband first saw me wear it, he thought it was a robe, but those who are just *this much* into style complement me when I wear it.  Oh, and did I mention that the sleeves are long enough to pull my hands inside when they’re cold?

4.  Flip-Flops

     Just today I went into Old Navy for a cute pair to replace the ratty ones I’ve worn for two years.  When flip-flops (did anyone else have a hard time changing from “thongs”to “flip-flops”?) have cute patterns and colors, and they only cost $2.50, you can’t fault a girl for walking out of the store with six pairs.  It cost me $16 and some change and I am SET for summer!  (Now if only the snow would melt…)

5.  My Pink Tracksuit

     My mom gave it to me for Christmas.  It’s this delicious raspberry-sorbet color with dark and white stripes on the inside of the hood, the kangaroo pockets and the drawstrings.  I know tracksuits are sort of frumpy and housewife-ish, but I really think this one is cute.  Plus, when it warms up a little, I have a matching pair of pink flip-flops to go with it.  *grin*   

6.  My Cheetah-Print Dress

     I also got this just after Christmas and I wasn’t sure if I would like it.  It feels like a t-shirt and it gathers at the empire waist and falls to almost-ankle length.  Comfort-wise it was perfect, but I felt like it was a bit too bold for me.  Then about six weeks ago, I chopped off all my hair into a super-short cut and had it woven with blonde and butterscotch highlights.  When I put the dress on, with the new hair, suddenly I looked cool enough to pull it off.  I wear it with some chunky jewelry and I have to say, it’s fun to be daring.

7.  Zip Hoodies

     I have several of these, but my two favorite colors are cornflower blue and red.  They have a really great cut so they add a little bit of style to my outfits, and they also feel warm and soft.  My favorite way to pair them is with flannel pajama pants (don’t tell Stacy and Clinton!) on days I know I’m just going to be hanging out at home.

8.  Cashmere-Blend Sweaters

     I have three of these, in Ocean Blue, Deep Red and Dark Berry.  (They sound like makeup colors.  LOL)  The square neckline is flattering for my body shape, and the sweaters are the perfect length to make me look balanced and proportional.  They have 3/4 sleeves with a darling three-button detail at each elbow, and besides being great layering pieces, they look fabulous on their own. 


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  1. Mercedes Says:

    Great list~with great descriptives. You are giving me some great ideas! Hope all is well in your neighborhood!


    p.s. Come join me in Hump Day Humor tomorrow. The theme is Children. Check it out at Mercedes Rocks:

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