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My Top 12 Television Shows (currently airing in prime-time) March 4, 2008

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Most of these were affected by the writers’ strike, but all of them have aired at some time this 2007-2008 season. 

1.  Big Brother 9       (It’s a sickness.  I know.)

2.  American Idol       (I’m cheering for David Archuleta and Carly Smithson.)

3.  The Office       (“That’s what she said.”)

4.  Ugly Betty       (Did anyone else cry as hard as I did during the season premiere?  The ending was a killer!)

5.  Grey’s Anatomy     (I get tired of the whining, but I can’t tear myself away.  Lexi is my new favorite, and I think she should end up with George.)

6.  Heroes     (Great show.  Great cast.  Great story.  ‘Nuf said.)

7.  Lost     (The past two seasons haven’t been as good as the first one, but I keep tuning in to see what is going to happen next.  Every time I think I have it figured out, the storyline does an abrupt right turn and veers into a different direction.)

8.  Eli Stone     (I grew up with a guy who reminds me of Eli.  He’s even a lawyer.  The parallels are delicious.  Plus, any show that breaks out in George Michael production numbers deserves some attention.)

9.  Journeyman     (I enjoy the plotlines of this show, but the most intriguing aspect is how his wife deals with his jumping.  Not only is it a huge personal issue for her, but she is left to explain Dan’s absences and odd behavior to those in their circle.) 

10.  Bones     (I love the science aspect of this show, and it isn’t nearly as gory as CSI.  Plus, I want Bones and Booth to get together.) 

11.  Jericho     (I loved the premise of this show.  I’m so glad they brought it back.  It reminds me of the book Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling.) 

12.  Cashmere Mafia     (Trashy TV at its finest.  It was good escapist fantasy.  I hope it comes back soon.)


11 Responses to “My Top 12 Television Shows (currently airing in prime-time)”

  1. pppj Says:

    aaaack…. I don’t watch anything regularly. I used to watch Grey’s, and before that Desperate Housewives. I do enjoy Boston Legal and Law and Order, but I always forget what days it is on!
    Thanks for sharing your list

  2. Accountable Says:

    My American Idol favorties are David Cook (Although David Archulets is a close 2nd) and Brooke (With Amanda Overmeyer as my 2nd)

  3. High Hopes Says:

    It would sure be nice if some the ‘top’ shows came back on. I am forgetting what it is all about and starting to lose interest in them. I may or may not watch them when they come back on again.

  4. gr8brainfarts Says:

    I love Bones, too. I don’t know that I want them to get together, though. I like the tension between them. It’s similar to Agents Mulder and Scully on the X files. It added chemistry to the show.

    One of my absolute faves is ‘Saving Grace’ with Holly Hunter. It’s awesome.

  5. Kemi Says:

    I’m with you, HH. I think every single show is going to have to do a season recap before they air new episodes (like they do with Lost) to give the viewers a chance to catch up.

  6. Kemi Says:

    Accountable, David Cook’s performance last night was incredible! I love it when you *kinda* recognize the songs they’re singing but it takes you a minute to catch on. (Of course that is ONLY if it’s because they picked a cool arrangement, not because their singing is terrible…)

    Who would have thought “Hello” would translate into an electric-guitar rock song? He’s pretty fantastic!

  7. Mercedes Says:

    Great List. I haven’t watch most of these shows, but my favorites are also affected by the strike: Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. The only TV I really watch here is sports and sitcoms~mostly old and a few new.

    So Daisy~how are things in your neighborhood? I miss our good ‘ol days!


    *waving to everyone else*

  8. Accountable Says:

    Kemi, I mostly knew what he was singing, it just took me a minute. I’m wondering if any of the girls are going to sing a Paula Abdul song… We’ll see tonight.

  9. Accountable Says:

    Oh, Hubby likes Jericho. He usually records it and watches it Friday afternoons.

    PS: I think we’ve watched most of every season of American Idol except season 4 (The one Carrie Underwood won), We didn’t pick up on Season 1 until they were down to the final 5 or 6.

  10. unbeelievable Says:

    Oh my gosh…that Ugly Betty episode KILLED me. I could not believe it!! I was staring at the screen in complete and utter shock!!

    I hope you’re doing well today, Miss Kemi!!

  11. Rubekl Says:

    Good text.., bro

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