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List of Favorite Musicals March 6, 2008

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     My parents loved musicals (well, certain ones), so it was inevitable that their kids would enjoy them, too.  I thought I’d devote today’s entry to those shows I just have to sing along to.  (For clarification purposes, I didn’t include Disney movies, although several of them qualify.  I’ll list those separately another day.)  I am referring to the movie versions of all of these musicals, which is why something like “Wicked” isn’t on the list.  (Love the music, but haven’t seen it yet.)

1.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

2.  The Sound of Music

3.  Singing in the Rain

4.  Calamity Jane

5.  Rent

6.  Moulin Rouge

7.  Across the Universe     (I just watched this a few days ago.  I highly recommend it.)

8.  West Side Story

9.  The Music Man

10.  Bye Bye Birdie     (I prefer the Jason Alexander remake to the original.  How sad.)

11.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (technically an operetta)

12.  My Fair Lady

13.  South Pacific 

     I’m sure there are a ton I’m missing.  There are also several “classics” I haven’t seen, so they didn’t make the list.  If you have a favorite that’s not represented, feel free to add it in the comment section!


15 Responses to “List of Favorite Musicals”

  1. Accountable Says:

    I have yet to see Singing in the Rain from beginning to end. Maybe I’ll take my birthday off and rent it.

    Seven Brides is one of my favorites too! I’d have to add Grease! to the list.

  2. Kemi Says:

    Oooh, Grease. Yup, gotta add that one.

    When I was in college, I gave that movie to my roomate for her birthday in early October. She watched it TWO times every night for the rest of the school year, once for fun and again fast-forwarding to the songs. Every. Single. Night.

    Maybe I blocked it out subconsciously. LOL

  3. highhopes1 Says:

    I love the movies you listed here. I remember when Grease came out (now I am dating myself) I was around 13 and my sister, best friend and I went to the movie I think 8 times. We used to sing all of the songs and just have a hoot. I have the vinyl record somewhere.

    YUP chillun’s there were vinyl records that looked like discs and we played them on a record player, this is before the age of CDs.

    There was another Musical with Gene Kelly and Syd Cherise that was called Brigadoon, I loved that one. I can remember watching the old movies on Sunday afternoons, I miss that they don’t play the oldies anymore.

  4. pppj Says:

    I still own records. Yes, I play them, too, and Grease is one of them! How sad is that!

    I love Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver, Oklahoma…

    My kids and I are watching one musical a weekend. Right now, my son is reading Oliver Twist so I can barely wait to rent Oliver and watch it with him.

  5. Kemi Says:

    Oooh, Oklahoma. Okay, there’s another one I missed.

    14. Grease
    15. Oklahoma

  6. Mrs Hannigan Says:

    Musicals- why didn’t I think of that. I’m linking you

  7. Kemi Says:


    16. Annie

    I drove my brothers CRAZY singing along to Annie. (Of course, they can sing the words too… they just choose not to. 😀 )

  8. Rose Says:

    I LOVE that list!! Especially…Sound of Music…Singin’ in the Rain…Moulin Rouge…what a great list of musicals! I got my love from my Mom…

  9. Accountable Says:

    Where does Cats and the like fit in? Are they technically operettes to? You should do a list of your favs.

  10. firstsister Says:

    Ooh, ooh! Carousel! (I thought Gordon MacRae was soooo handsome!). 🙂

    I can remember listening to the sound tracks of Oklahoma and Carousel on my parent’s “HiFi” over and over and over….

    Ah’m jist a gurl who cain’t say nooooo…..

    My best friend and I used to spend entire afternoons singing and dancing along to West Side Story. Fun, dorky, times.

    Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  11. Kemi Says:

    17. That Thing You Do

  12. momster Says:

    Love this list, I also love Man of LaMancha. The Impossible Dream… I has one.

  13. agustin Says:

    Publishing just a list is useless. There are many,many,musicals missing: what about cats,chicago,hair,jesuschrist and,and,and.
    All,repeat:all musicals are, per se nice and beautiful.

  14. Kemi Says:

    agustin– If you had read the text above the list, I explained that I only included musicals that I had seen in MOVIE version. Also, they are MY favorites, so certaily not a comprehensive list. I chose not to include the musicals I didn’t enjoy… hence, the title: “List of FAVORITE Musicals”.

    I found your comment insulting and condescending. It was never my intention to list every musical ever written. I also firmly disagree that every musical is beautiful and nice, just because they fall under that genre. It isn’t appropriate to make a blanket statement like that and then haughtily condemn those who have the nerve (how DARE we?) to think differently.

  15. I also love musicals and wish I could see one every day. My favorite is DEFINITELY Les Miz. My hobby is making short films based on some of my favorite songs from musicals.

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