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List of chapter titles from my favorite book March 7, 2008


     This is my all-time, absolute FAVORITE book to read.  I’ve read it at least twenty times, and with each subsequent read, I glean something new from it.  The lengthy title is Being the Mom:  10 Coping Strategies I Learned by Accident Because I Had Children on Purpose and it’s written by Emily Watts.  I highly recommend it.  (My husband refers to it as the “Slacker Chronicles”, but I say anything that cuts moms a break for what they AREN’T doing and praises them for what they ARE is a good thing.  Plus, it gives me the giggles, because I see myself in her stories, and sometimes the picture isn’t pretty.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Introduction:  Being the Mom

Strategy 1:  Instead of Acquiring More Things, Use the Things You Have More Creatively

Strategy 2:  Learn to Laugh:  Today’s Embarrassment Will Likely Be Tomorrow’s Comedy

Strategy 3:  Be Discerning:  Sometimes a One-Mile Effort Is Enough

Strategy 4:  Create a Few Things That Can Be Counted On

Strategy 5:  Know When to Holler for Help

Strategy 6:  Factor In What’s Playing in the Background

Strategy 7:  If It Can Be Vacuumed Up, Wiped Off, or Washed Out, Don’t Worry About It

Strategy 8:  Accept Life as a Glorious Adventure Full of Gifts For You

Strategy 9:  Be Grateful for the Things You Have to Do

Strategy 10:  Remember That the Years Fly By, Even Though Some of the Days Are Mighty Long

Epilogue:  It’s Worth It


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