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Top 20 Movies I Love to Hate March 10, 2008

     I asked my husband for a list idea, and this is what he came up with.  We are huge movie lovers at our house, although our tastes vary widely.  (Clearly, as you’re about to see.)  Now some of these movies I actually like (or liked);  my problems with them stem from the following reasons:   1) No matter the time or day, my husband manages to find ONE of these movies on cable, 2) he can repeat them verbatim, and 3) some of them were funny ONLY when he watched them with a group of his high school friends well past midnight.

  1. High Fidelity *
  2. Outside Providence *
  3. Kill Bill (both volumes)
  4. Dances With Wolves
  5. Raising Arizona
  6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  7. Braveheart     (I loathe this movie with the heat of a thousand suns.)
  8. Dune
  9. Zombie movies– more specifically 28 Days, Dawn of the Dead, and any of the scores of zombie movies and/or remakes that have been released in the past 3 years.  Take your pick.  There are too many to count.
  10. Kung Fu movies.  Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee…  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…  and some other one with beautiful cinematography.  They all just blend into the same movie with kicking and punching and subtitles.
  11. Good Will Hunting     (Tecnhically a great movie, but the language makes me cringe.)
  12. Grosse Pointe Blank
  13. What About Bob
  14. Groundhog Day
  15. Vampire Movies– Interview With the Vampire, Van Helsing, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Underworld, Blade  (Can you tell that vampires scare the bejeezus out of me?)
  16. It’s A Wonderful Life
  17. Gladiator
  18. Fight Club
  19. Legend
  20. Ladyhawke

* I have to admit, these movies have grown on me.  Once you get past the language, the characters are hi-freaking-larious.  The names Alec Baldwin calls his son in Outside Providence make me want to alternately hug his son and pee my pants in hysterics.  And Jack Black steals the movie in High FidelitySsssh…  don’t tell Kenny.


10 Responses to “Top 20 Movies I Love to Hate”

  1. Accountable Says:

    Ohhhh… LadyHawke I liked that movie… I have a day off coming up soon and I may have to rent it!

    I also want to rent ,Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and The Incredible Shrinking Woman if I can find them to see if they are as bad as I remember! Blockbuster doesn’t have them. i already tried, so I ended up renting The Passion instead. Hubby will be gone golfing the last weekend of April, so I’ll see about then too.

  2. pppj Says:

    Braveheart? I like Braveheart. Who wouldn’t like a William Wallace defending his country?

    My number one movie I hate is Pretty Woman. I hate that movie. The idea that a man falls in love with a prostitute and then climbs up those stairs…gag…barf…….and she did all that changing. What did he do? Climbed up some stairs. gag

    Did you ever see Ghost Ship? That was awful. The other awful boat movie was Posieden…oh and Titanic…couldn’t stand that either.

    On Titanic I never understood that when Rose died she returned back to the Titanic to be back with Jack the guy she had the one night stand with. What about her HUSBAND?


  3. Mercedes Says:

    You are hilarious! Your husband sounds like my boyfriend. He can do this with tv shows too! Great list~as always!


  4. Kemi Says:

    Thanks, Mere. I laughed out loud when he suggested a list of movies he loves and I hate. It was too funny not to pursue.

    PJ, I first saw Braveheart when it was released on video. Well, kinda saw it… We were fairly newly married, we’d eaten dinner with his sister and her husband, and they all decided to watch it. At that point I was very much trying to avoid rated R movies (it’s a religion thing), and I was teased mercilessly by my husband for it, so I wasn’t happy about being trapped into seeing it. I felt like I’d been tricked, since Kenny had been trying to get me to see it for months.

    So we’re watching it, and something like 10 minutes into the movie the girl he marries gets raped on their wedding night? Uh… no thank you. I closed my eyes and forced myself to go to sleep, and woke up for the last two or three minutes of the movie. I was still a little hazy, and I thought they were castrating him. My husband laughed and told me they were “just” drawing and quartering him. *shudder*

    So when Braveheart comes on, I leave the room. I refuse to watch it. I’m sure it’s a lovely, heartwarming story but it’s one I won’t EVER be familiar with. It’s one of my husband’s favorites, too, which means I get lots of “alone” time. 😀

    Wait, d’you think that’s his motive? LOL

  5. unbeelievable Says:

    Girl, I don’t know about you! High Fidelity is great! Grosse Pointe Blank cracks me up! Love, love Fight Club! In fact, I like almost every movie on your list! Except for Dances with Wolves. You’re right on on that one….DWW sucked!!

  6. Kemi Says:

    *hanging head*

    I know, Unbee. It’s the same thing I hear when he turns on one of these shows and I groan.

    Maybe I’m wired wrong? LOL

  7. gr8brainfarts Says:

    OMG! Some of my absolute FAVES on on your list (Gross Pointe Blank–great dark humor. I didn’t ‘get’ it the first time I watched it. Monty Python. Who doesn’t love a great belly laugh? Those guys are so stupidly hilarious! Fight Club–I HATED it the first time I watched it until you got to the plot twist. Then I loved it! I like the idea that we’re all a little crazy and in some ways want to be someone else. I just don’t want to have a nervous breakdown to go through my personal growth! LOL.) I guess I won’t make the popcorn and invite you over for movie night. 🙂 So what are your favorites–ones that you watch all of the time?

  8. Kemi Says:

    Ooooh, I just realized I left an important one off the list.

    21. Jerry Maguire

    I HATE that movie! It’s so sappy and cheesy! Maybe I would have given it a more fair chance if the radio stations hadn’t released that dumb song infused with movie quotes and played it twice an hour for MONTHS.

    “You had me at hello” makes me giggle, then Kenny gets offended, then he spends the night in a pouty silence. Same with “You complete me!” *rolling my eyes*


  9. […] 18, 2008 in Uncategorized Kemi’s post regarding her top 10 movies she loves to hate got me thinking about my top 10 favorite movies.   […]

  10. Goldie Says:

    I have a thing about vampire movies. I am a huge Buffy fan too.

    It’s a Wonderful Life???? COME ON!!!! Scrooge.

    Dune, lol… the whispered thoughts narrative was SO annoying!

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