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Kenny’s Turn… The Movies HE Loves to Hate March 11, 2008

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      Yesterday I posted about the movies my husband loves and I hate, so I thought it would only be fair to let him have his turn.  You’ll find his pathetic attempt below.  *wink*

  1.  Clue
  2. Miss Congeniality
  3. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  4. Disney movies     (Classic or new, if it has the castle and it’s not a Pixar cartoon, he’s out.)  More specifically, The Princess Diaries, High School Musical, The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band, The Parent Trap, etc.    He does love Mary Poppins and Pete’s Dragon, so maybe it’s just the movies with a girl theme?
  5. Mean Girls     (although he DID buy it for me when it came out)
  6. Addams Family
  7. 13 Going on 30     (he bought me this one too)
  8. Big Business
  9. Bye Bye Birdie     (The Jason Alexander version)
  10. Sister Act

     The funniest thing about this list is that my husband had to go stand at our movie collection to look through them (it was a stretch for him to come up with 10), and I was reminding him of titles I know he hates.  His criteria for judging which so-so movies made the list?  “If it was on right now, would I stop my Nintendo game to watch it?  I think not…  add it to the list.”

     It’s official!  I’ve turned him into a chick-flick guy!  *snort*


7 Responses to “Kenny’s Turn… The Movies HE Loves to Hate”

  1. Accountable Says:

    Which Parent Trap movie? The one with Haley Mills or the remake?

    There’s a list of Movies for you… Original vs. Remake… or original vs. sequel. Just a thought.

  2. Kemi Says:

    He hates both of them, Accountable. He made it a point to tell me that. 😀

  3. Accountable Says:

    Oh… 😦 I loved the original and I won’t watch the remake.

    Hmmmm…. giving me an idea for a post. 😀

  4. Kemi Says:

    I love the original. LOOOOOVE it. The remake was good too, but watching it now knowing what I do about Lindsay Lohan, well, it’s changed it for me a little. Okay, a lot.

  5. gr8brainfarts Says:

    This is too funny! We’ve stopped renting movies together because we can’t agree on which new releases to get. 🙂

    The original Parent Trap will always be the best. Hailey Mills made the best movies. Remember Pollyanna? She was adorable!

  6. pppj Says:

    Hey Kenny, I think you don’t understand Sister Act. It’s a wonderful story about re-birth, reconciliation, and life.

    Ok, I’m stretching it here, but I like the songs.

    I don’t like Sandra Bullock movies. Or Julia Robert movies.

  7. Kemi Says:

    Sister Act was one of those “I’m-on-the-fence, let’s-give-it-the-Nintendo-test” choices.

    I loved the songs, too. It was a fun show.

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