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Movies We Love to Watch Together March 12, 2008

     So, I promise that this is the last movie-related post I’ll do for a while.  I wanted to leave my readers with one more glimpse into our movie-viewing habits.  This list is full of the movies we own that we watch the most often.  There are some that one of us likes more than the other, but it’s pretty fair to say that if we don’t have something DVR-ed, or we haven’t rented a new release from Hollywood Video, we’re watching one of these.

  1. Forrest Gump     (This one has history– we saw it on our third date and as cheesy as it is, it’s “our” movie.)
  2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy     (The extended versions, of course!)
  3. Mr. Holland’s Opus
  4. Galaxy Quest
  5. Evolution
  6. Erin Brockovich
  7. Field of Dreams
  8. Elf     (I can watch this movie ANY month of the year!)
  9. Bye Bye Love
  10. The Birdcage
  11. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  12. Deep Blue Sea
  13. Duets
  14. A Knight’s Tale
  15. Moulin Rouge
  16. Rent
  17. A League of Their Own
  18. O Brother Where Art Thou
  19. Three Kings
  20. The Man in the Iron Mask
  21. The Princess Bride
  22. Shallow Hal
  23. The Wedding Singer
  24. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  25. The Sound of Music
  26. Independence Day
  27. Heart and Souls
  28. The Day After Tomorrow
  29. Chances Are
  30. Sneakers     (“Say ‘passport’.”)
  31. Guarding Tess
  32. The Rainmaker
  33. Jurassic Park     (series…  Kenny was very specific about that.  I enjoy 1 immensely, and 2 and 3 were just *okay*.)
  34. The Patriot
  35. 10 Things I Hate About You
  36. Goonies
  37. Titanic
  38. The Sixth Sense
  39. Cars     (It’s Pixar, so it’s okay!  LOL)
  40. Love, Actually
  41. Kiss the Girls
  42. Back to the Future     (series, although I’m more partial to 1 and 2)
  43. The Mummy     (series, although again, just 1 for me)
  44. The Holiday
  45. Across the Universe
  46. A Night At the Roxbury
  47. Liar, Liar
  48. Apollo 13
  49. Oceans 11    (and 12 and 13)
  50. Men in Black

     There are several more that I could have added, but we felt like 50 was pleeeeenty.  *grin*  Another point of (pathetic) interest?  We own all of the movies from our three lists.  And then some.  (Men should NEVER be allowed into Circuit City or onto or Columbia House unsupervised!)

     As I glanced through this list again, I realized that most of these were movies we saw before we had kids.  Maybe that’s why we enjoy them so much– it reminds us of a time that was less frenzied and more focused on the two of us.  Anyway, enjoy. 

     And as always, try to keep the giggles to a minimum.


5 Responses to “Movies We Love to Watch Together”

  1. pppj Says:

    Mr. Holland’s Opus? Why? That one puzzles me. I never understood that movie. Here was a man who gave more to his students than his FAMILY. He accepted his students better than his son, and yet at the end it’s all okay and he gets his big song.

    On a different yet similar note (pun intended) I liked Lean On Me with Morgan Freeman.

    Titanic? oh……

    I agree on Forest Gump though!

  2. Kemi Says:

    We loved the music in Mr. Holland’s Opus. I hated that he put his students ahead of his family, but it was really great to see how he encouraged a love of music in his students. From a teacher’s perspective, he was a hero. From a wife’s… not so much. Still, the music is fantastic.

    I knew you’d hate Titanic. 😀 *shrug*

  3. Goldie Says:

    *waving to Kemi* hiya! Great variety of cool movie choices! You and I seem to have similar tastes! A lot of my fave movies are up there…Moulin Rouge, Princess Bride, Independence Day. Why no Harry Potter if you like the books? just curious. I am also a HUGE James Bond fan. Pierce Brosnan makes me quiver. I was DETERMINED not to like the new guy, but I just couldn’t help it. He IS good.

    (ps- I know I know you…what was your other name? you can come tell me on my blog if you want– )

  4. Kemi Says:

    I LOOOOOVE Harry Potter. My husband likes them *okay*, so they didn’t fit in any of the categories, really.

    Now if you asked my kids, they’d top the list of favorites. My two-year-old goes around asking for “Hotta Potter”, even though he’s only seen part of the first one. (It’s always fun when we’re in Target and he sees advertisements on the wall of the electronics department. One day he screamed and nearly threw himself out of the cart trying to direct my attention to Harry and Hannah Montana. I looked like such a responsible mother…)

  5. Goldie Says:

    I Looooove Hary Potter too! My 3 year old likes him a lot and yells “Harry Potter!!” whenever he sees pictures…but there is no way I can let him watch it. He gets scared. Besides, he just likes that it is a little boy. And hey, you could do a lot worse than Hannah.

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