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Today’s To-Do List March 15, 2008


  1. Laundry, at least three loads    
  2. Load dishwasher, wipe down counters
  3. Put away folded towels from last weekend
  4. Recycle two weeks’ worth of old newspapers     (That is, empty recycle bin in garage first, then dump newspapers there.)
  5. Have kids pick jobs for new job chart
  6. Plan next week’s menu
  7. Put away leftover fall/Christmas/winter decorations     (This involves carrying them into the garage and putting them in the appropriate– overstuffed– Rubbermaid crates.  There are probably 10 things that got left out by mistake.)
  8. Make dinner
  9. Bathe kids for church tomorrow
  10. Clean off nightstand and cedar chest     (The “closet” of our bedroom)
  11. Write witty and insightful blog post
  12. Create backup Relief Society invitations in case the woman responsible forgot about doing them… again
  13. Move toys Anthony has outgrown to the basement
  14. Continue to declutter and put away after a month of doing nothing around the house
  15. Find a home for the last of yesterday’s Sam’s Club purchases



    What I actually did today

  1. Got dressed     (Notice I didn’t say shower   *blush*)
  2. Picked up after Anthony
  3. Loaded the dishwasher     (and ran it, thank you very much)
  4. Picked up after Anthony
  5. Pulled the orange protective bags off of two weeks’ worth of newspapers;  straightened the pile
  6. Picked up after Anthony
  7. Rubbed Kenny’s back for a half hour when he came home on a break
  8. Took a nap while the three older kids played Nintendo
  9. Read two chapters in a new book
  10. Made lunch
  11. Sorted the pieces for four games, courtesy of Anthony, and put them away
  12. Helped Anthony pick up the Dora castle furniture
  13. Put tires on no less than nine toy cars, after Anthony bit them off and threw them like confetti
  14. Made dinner
  15. Picked up Anthony’s dinner from off of the floor
  16. Bathed four kids     (technically bathed two, but reminded the older two to get in the shower, to use shampoo, checked to make sure shampoo was rinsed fully, got clean towels, combed wet hair, etc.)
  17. Rinsed the dinner dishes
  18. Picked up after Anthony
  19. Gave the dog his antibiotic and pain medication, and smeared antibiotic ointment on his  *cough*anus*cough*
  20. WASHED MY HANDS!!!!!
  21. Wrote informative-but-not-witty blog post
  22. Put away the Sam’s Club box in the kitchen after nearly breaking a toe on it;  left other pile alone for tonight
  23. Cleaned up 4 oz. of milk someone left on the table that Anthony threw across the room
  24. Wiped Oreo fingerprints off the television, couch, doors and Anthony’s pajamas
  25. Rocked Anthony and his four blankies (!) in the rocking chair;  sang “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam” at least six times
  26. Put four kids to bed and collapsed on the couch in exhaustion;  noticed all the toys still out, scattered around by Anthony.  Tried not to cry;  put toys away knowing the effort was futile  


     I really want to be a good mom.  I want the immaculate house, the well-mannered children (do three out of four count?), the organic gourmet dinners, the hours of quality “together” time with each child doing creative things that inspire them, and the energy to do all of that.  I’m doing the best that I can, but some days I feel like I take ten leaps back for every shuffle forward.  I try not to wish Anthony out of toddlerhood, but there are days (like today!) when I find myself looking ahead a year, wishing with all my might that when he’s 3 1/2, he’ll have outgrown this belligerent, independent, whiny, destructive throwing stage.  That by this time next year, the older kids won’t have to entertain themselves so often while I deal with Anthony’s aftermath.


     That when he’s a little bit more grown up, I won’t be the same frumpy, frazzled mom I am right now.


     Earlier today he ran toward me at full speed and head-butted me in the leg.  “Hode me, Mama.  I da baby.”  When I leaned down to pick him up and give him a snuggle, he grabbed my cheeks and smashed his nose into mine.  “Kisses, Mama, kisses!  Love you!”  It’s the little things like snotty Eskimo kisses and rocking together, even for a few minutes that make me realize how soon he’ll be too big for things like that. 


     Maybe that’s why I’ll never be one of those supermoms– while I covet a clean and organized house, I’d rather spend time reading stories, coloring pictures and playing games with my babies.  I’ve been assured that the time will come when I won’t be picking soggy cereal out of the carpet, when I won’t follow Anthony from mess to mess, and when dinner menus won’t be limited to what can be prepared in the five minutes of quiet I can get out of a “Blue’s Clues” episode.  I wonder if I’ll miss the grubby-fingers stage, or the slobbery kisses, or the absolute dependence on me?


     Probably.  But I bet a lot of it will depend on how often I hear, “Nooooooooooo!  MINE!  Nooooooooooooooooooo!”  Because right now, it’s what consistently plays in the background.  *sigh*


8 Responses to “Today’s To-Do List”

  1. pppj Says:

    Thanks for being honest about your day. I remember the days when I had toddlers, and it was hard. Very hard. I remember taking a shower was an amazing thing when no one would talk at me – you’re a good mom. Thanks for sharing the pain and joy of it.

  2. Mercedes Says:

    Great Lists! I believe You did quite a bit of your to do list, even though you had to improvise! I’m sure you do a lot of improvising…quite often! You are definitely a Super Mom spending quality time with your children-that is the most importan in my eyes!

  3. badmommymoments Says:

    Ha! Is it wrong to be a little relieved that I’m not the only mom with a child of this nature? I so relate to your lists. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but I find it pretty impressive how what used to take a day to clean, or an hour to prep and cook, can now be accomplished during an episode of Clifford…

  4. firstsister Says:

    Shoot. I have 3 GROWN sons (who live at home) and I still feel like you do. My house never seems clean or neat enough to please me.

    My house is cluttered, there always seems to be dishes in the sink, papers to be recycled, towels to fold, and the occassional dinner to be picked up off the floor. Thank goodness I don’t have to bathe anyone and the dog doesn’t need medication or anything applied to his anus – at the moment.

    If there’s anything I can tell you, it would be to CHERISH those head-butts and baby kisses. It’s shocking how fast time goes by and before you know it, you’re looking at photos of them when they were small and getting a lump in your throat because they’re not little anymore.

    You’re a terriffic mom. Believe me, there’s nothing like grubby fingers, slobbery kisses, and believe it or not, absolute dependence upon you. Soon enough, they’ll know EVERYTHING.

    The housework will always be there, the babies won’t.

    Paula 🙂

  5. Kemi Says:

    Oh, the poor dog– he had an anal gland rupture. (!!!)
    I didn’t even know such a thing existed, let alone was capable of rupture. He’s doing well now, after a week of antibiotics and pain meds, and… ointment. (Ick.)

    Thanks for your comments. And your praise. 😀

  6. Kemi, I loved this post! It was so interesting to read, and so honest, too.

    (And witty too!)

  7. firstsister Says:

    Eeek! Anal gland rupture is NOT fun. I give you credit. I’ve heard stories…..

    Thankfully, Dash has never ruptured anything “back there.”

    Be thankful, though, that you haven’t experienced a “sheath infection.” You don’t even want to know….

  8. Kemi, thanks for writing this and sharing your list of ideals with your real-life list. You’re a great mom. Your stories about your children are so fun to read!

    One of the first things my son learned to say was, “no, mine!” Now he knows to how to say, “no, my turn!” and “no, yours!” which he says when he’s feeling silly and flirtatious.

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