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A List of my favorite authors March 16, 2008

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     I don’t profess to be a lover of deep, insightful literature.  I read for enjoyment, and I read often, so I prefer to read something light.

  1. J.K. Rowling     (Harry Potter Series)
  2. Janet Evanovich     (Stephanie Plum Series)
  3. Mary Higgins Clark
  4. Philippa Gregory     (loved The Other Boleyn Girl, but my favorite is the Wideacre trilogy)
  5. Stephenie Meyer     (Twilight series)
  6. Emily Watts
  7. Anita Stansfield
  8. Mary Jane (Behrends) Clark
  9. Gerald Lund
  10. Dean Hughes
  11. S.M. Stirling     (Dies the Fire— incredible book!)
  12. V.C. Andrews     (My Sweet Audrina…  carryover from my teenage days, I guess)
  13. Danielle Steele     (same as above)
  14. Kate White
  15. James Patterson     (only I preferred him more when he didn’t use co-writers)

3 Responses to “A List of my favorite authors”

  1. Angela Says:

    Have you read the Shopaholic series? I have a friend who is really well read, but when I ask for some light reads, she always recommends these books….

  2. pppj Says:

    The Shopaholic is FUNNY. I also like Jennifer Weiner books for a light read.

    My gosh, I loved VC Andrews. Who else would put four kids in an attic and have some really odd things happen? That woman was a genius.

    I also love poetry – William Woodsworth, William Blake, WIlliam Shakespeare, and of course Robert Frost. The kids took a chance with Robert Frost over the summer and fell in love with it. I was oh so proud of myself until a neighbor two doors down put up a fence, and the five-year-old (then) exclaimed, FENCES DON’T MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS!!!! I could have died.

  3. Kemi Says:

    PJ, your kids are AWESOME! I love to hear stories about them.

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