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Easter Eggs March 20, 2008

eggs.jpg     Today we dyed eggs. 


     Four kids, two parents, one niece, ten colors of dye in two styles (marbled and plain-old-colored) and 36 eggs. 


     It’s no wonder I need a nap.


     We did it, though.  The eggs are done.  No one has been permanently colored blue (although Anthony has one pink hand), the carpet is still its original color, and we only lost three eggs to significant cracks, all three courtesy of the adults.  Parents and children worked together and had fun, and Abbie and Anthony even managed to work in a nap.  It was a great day. 


     I love coloring eggs.  When I was a kid, we used to spend hours drawing on them with white crayons, then decorating the colored products with rub-ons and stickers.  My youngest sibling is 26, and my family still gets together to color eggs, although now instead of chicks and rabbits, my obnoxious brothers adorn theirs with logos.  We’ve had the playboy bunny egg (the rabbit’s head and bowtie), the 7-UP egg, the stormy egg (gray with lightning jags), a UPS one (in honor of Kenny’s former place of employment), one with a skull and crossbones and the fat kid from South Park.  It’s less about coloring, and more about giggling, catching up and waiting for Kevin and Konnon to produce their masterpieces.  I think we’ll do “Grandma’s” coloring on Saturday.  My kids think one of their uncles should make a Homer Simpson egg. 


     Kenny’s experience was extremely family un-friendly (as was most of his childhood), so it took almost eight years of marriage to coax him into participating in the family festivities.  Honestly, I’m always wary about dying eggs, because I don’t know if he’ll be on board to help out, or if he’ll boycot the whole process.  It’s like he forgets that he enjoys the coloring tradition now, so he starts out as a Scrooge and gradually warms to the idea.  He’s coming along, though.  And it makes me very happy to help him create new, FUN memories with us to replace those old stress-filled, unpleasant ones from his childhood.


     It makes a world of difference to have done the eggs four days early, too.  It takes some of my fun away from holidays when I have a lot of preparations to take care of on the actual holiday.  (I think the biggest reason I hate Halloween is because I always get stressed about carving pumpkins, making dinner, feeding kids and getting them ready to trick-or-treat.  Who knew you could carve pumpkins three days early and alleviate a major stress point?  I learned that this year.  I can’t wait to apply it next year!)  So now I’m ready for Easter.  Eggs?  Check.  Baskets?  Check.  Gifts, candy, Easter clothes?  Check, check and check.  All that’s left is to drag it up from downstairs, sort it out, and put it in the living room.


     The only thing I have left to worry about is what to do with three dozen hard-boiled eggs. 


3 Responses to “Easter Eggs”

  1. Accountable Says:

    Tape one to the underside of the dining room table!!

  2. NightMistress Says:

    You know, if you have the Christmas tree down “already,” you may be light years ahead of some of your neighbors . . . it sounds like you are incredibly well-organized.

  3. 2coolchicks Says:

    *Snort* My tree has been down for almost a month now.

    I love doing the eggs! We are doing it today. Next year I am going to teach my daughter how to do Ukrainian eggs (Pysanka) It is very intricate, but fun.

    I can remember my mom making us eat the eggs *shiver* particularly after they sat out for a couple of days, that was before they figured out it could be dangerous. Blech eggs that sit out for days on edge non-refridgerated, ecoli missles. Just another happy thought. My advice would be chuck em after the big day.

    I am getting so excited about doing the eggie hunt and the bunny visiting. My dh is the same way about traditions Kemi, his mom died when he was young so he missed out on a lot of this stuff and it never occurs to him. I do my best to do all of the traditional stuff and drag him into it. We always have fun and giggle, so its worth it.

    Happy Easter!

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