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A list of things I bought today March 21, 2008

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     I had a busy afternoon.  I took Kendra to get new Easter sandals, then to get her ears pierced for her 8th birthday.  How is it that two such specific activities cost me $125?  In just over an hour?


     Here is what I came home with, vs. what I intended to purchase:



  1. Three pairs of girls’ shoes, two size 2, one size 7
  2. Brown t-shirt dress, girl’s size 16
  3. OPI nail polish in Argenteeny Pinkini     (FABULOUS color!)
  4. Stainless steel kitchen scrubber
  5. Fireplace log rack     (This was actually a great deal– marked down to $6.24 from $39.99, and it matches my grate!  Too good to pass up!)

Bella Mia Salon 

  1. One pair CZ studs.
  2. Piercing of said studs through the earlobes of a very nervous not-quite-eight-year-old
  3. Two pink [hair] flowers to match Easter dresses

Harmon’s Grocery Store

  1. French bread
  2. Marshmallow Eggs     (My weakness!)
  3. Strawberries
  4. Spring salad mix

3 Responses to “A list of things I bought today”

  1. How did Kendra do when she was getting her ears pierced? I remember when my mom took me to the mall to get mine done when I was 12.

  2. Kemi Says:

    It was all she talked about for a week. EVERYONE knew she was getting her ears pierced. She was excited until we went to Target, where she got progressively quieter. By the time we got to the salon, she was mute with fear, although she insisted she still wanted to go through with it.

    When the lady drew the dots on her ears, her face lost all its color, and then she cried after the first ear. For the second one, she gripped my hand tightly, felt the pierce, cried, got to pick out a candy, and was back to her normal, chattery self before I could fill out the consent form.

    Now EVERYONE knows she got her ears pierced. 😀 It’s the foremost topic of conversation.

  3. It was great timing to get it done for Sunday. She looks so grown up in the photo you posted.

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