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List of my favorite drinks March 22, 2008

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     This is probably going to be a short list.  I don’t drink alcohol, so I have a fairly limited amount to choose from.  It’s late, I haven’t done today’s post, and  I’m looking for something to quench my thirst, so this is what you get! 


  1. Pepsi–  I’m not picky.  I like regular and Wild Cherry equally.  Just don’t offer me diet unless there’s half a can of lemonade to add to it.
  2. Sierra Mist–  This is especially refreshing in the summer.  It’s not as syrup-y as the other lemon-lime beverages.  Around Thanksgiving, they come out with cranberry-flavored Sierra Mist, and it is the BEST.  (I’ve already been informed that next year we’re buying it by the case to get us through the winter.)
  3. Water–  Our tap water tastes like chlorine, so we have to filter it.  I love my water filtered (obviously) and ice cold.  I usually drink at least a gallon each day for health/weight-related issues.
  4. Milk–  Sometimes I forget to drink this.  Isn’t that silly?  My kids drink plenty of milk during the day, but unless I have it on cereal or I wake up with heartburn during the night, I just don’t think about it.  Last night when we sat down for dinner, I poured some in my glass and gulped it down, then had to refill.  It tasted THAT good.   I prefer 1%.  I also like chocolate milk and some of the other flavors, but plain will always be my favorite.  My kids love it, too. 
  5. Vanilla Coke–  I think I heard they quit making this, and it makes me sad.  I LOVE the taste of vanilla coke, and putting vanilla syrup into regular coke isn’t quite the same thing.  True story:  When Hannah was born the day before Thanksgiving, the hospital staff really went out of their way to make my Thanksgiving dinner special.  They asked me what I wanted to drink, told me it could be anything non-alcoholic, and then went to a grocery store to get me a two-liter bottle of Vanilla Coke.  (I wasn’t at all sad about being in the hospital on a holiday.  My other kids were being well-cared for, I had a beautiful new baby girl, and lots of peace and quiet.  It was a perfect holiday.  Truly.  And the fact that someone went to all that trouble to make me happy still makes my heart smile.) 
  6. Slurpees/Slushies–  With all of my pregnancies, during the first trimester, the only things that helped to settle my stomach at night were cola, cherry or lime-flavored Slurpees.  (Unfortunately that burned-coffee smell 7-11 is famous for made me queasy.  LOL)  During my third pregnancy, my 2nd-5th months happened to be during the hottest summer Utah had seen in decades, where temperatures were over 110 degrees.  I LIVED on slushies.  It got so bad, I was scrounging through couch cushions for spare change and counting out pennies by the handful.  My husband figured we may as well have opened our own corner stand that summer– we would have spent less on it, even paying someone’s salary to run it.
  7. Grape juice–  Love this.  Love how it tastes, love how it smells, love the color.  My mom hates grape juice, so I didn’t get to experience this fully as a child, I guess.
  8. Dole’s PineOrangeBanana juice-  Not strawberry/orange/banana…  it has to be pineapple.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
  9. Root Beer–  I love this with pasta or pizza.  For some reason, to me, Italian = Root Beer.  My husband hates it because he lived in Germany for several years, and he says it’s what all the medicine is flavored with.
  10. Hot Chocolate–  I drink this all the time in the winter.  I like how it warms me from the inside.  When I was little, I loved Swiss Miss (because the girl was rocking those braids!).  Now I prefer Stephens or Nestlé gourmet, but I’m still a sucker for those teeny tiny dried marshmallows.




5 Responses to “List of my favorite drinks”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    I like #2, #3, #6, #8, #9, & #10! Another great list!

  2. Mercedes Says:

    p.s. Hope you have a great Easter!

  3. Angela Says:

    Slurpies! Yes!!

  4. firstsister Says:

    Your lists are so fun and interesting. 🙂

    I don’t drink soda, but I drink gallons of seltzer water (my youngest used to call it “sprinky” when he was little).

    One of my favorite drinks is iced tea. And, of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without coffee.

    I’ve never had a Slurpee!

  5. Mmmmmm . . . this list is making me thirsty. I like that Root Beer/Dr. Pepper taste, but my husband also thinks the taste is too medicinal.

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