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List of my favorite Easter candy March 24, 2008

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peep.jpg      In celebration of all things sugary, and because I’m staring at a pile mountain of it, I thought I’d make today’s list about the chocolaty, marshmallow-y goodness that is Easter Candy.


  1. Peeps–  But only in yellow, blue, or pink.  (I consider myself a Peeps purist.)  The new colors freak me out.  Kendra had RED peeps in her basket.  Red.  What is that all about? 
  2. Marshmallow Eggs–  My.  Absolute.  Favorite.  ‘Nuff said.
  3. Cadbury Mini Eggs–  Love these, but in small doses.  My favorite is to crack the candy shell with my teeth, eat it first, and then savor the chocolate as it melts slowly on my tongue.
  4. Jellybeans–  White is my favorite color, just edging out red.  I like the Starburst jellybeans too, and Jelly Bellies, but Easter just isn’t Easter without big fat generic jellybeans.
  5. M & Ms–  Not just for the cute retro commercial (“Thanks, Easter Bunny!”  “Bock, bock!”), but because my parents used to fill up little clear-top candy holders with the pastel-shelled wonders.  It was fun to open those holders, and nearly impossible to get all the M & Ms back inside.  Naturally, you had to eat the spillage.  It was heartbreaking when those little plastic chickens broke and Mom got tired of taping them together.  *sigh*
  6. Rolos–  I know these aren’t technically an Easter candy, but I get a package in my Christmas stocking and in my Easter basket.  I prefer the harder-shelled ones, where the chocolate gently breaks between your teeth, and not the ones that are soft and smushy.
  7. Malted Milk Eggs–  I didn’t like these as well for eating, but what fashionable little girl didn’t use them as a lipstick?  It also seemed to be true that the cheaper the candy, the better the coating came off on your lips.  (And fingers.  And face.  And clothes.  And…)
  8. Pastel Candy Corn–  Probably tastes exactly the same as the regular stuff, but because it’s pink, green, purple and yellow, it’s different.  More spring-ish.  Eastery.  Whatever.


UPDATE:  No Rolos in my Easter bag this year.  I got Riesens instead.  It’s okay, though.  They’re chocolate.  I’m happy.  🙂


3 Responses to “List of my favorite Easter candy”

  1. gr8tful Says:

    WOW, I like many of those too!!!!!! Hope things are well with you!

  2. High Hopes Says:

    Yum you are making me hungry! I loved the little peeps, I agree with you that a red peep would be weird. Kind of like a rogue or demonic peep – ick.

    My fave easter candy is a peanut butter filled egg or a oh henry filled egg. I like black jelly beans too. I think my all time fave Easter candy is a solid dark chocolate bunny.

    Going to raid the dd’s Easter basket.

  3. Goldie Says:

    AaaaaHHH!! Robin egg lipstick! LOVE IT!! Quite the fashion statement. My brother and I used to LOVE doing that! (yes, my brother)

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