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Lists of silly things March 30, 2008

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     I sit here, stumped.  Or maybe I’m exhausted.  (Two birthdays and Easter have wiped me out, and I still have my husband’s birthday to plan next weekend.)


     I need a vacation.


     I am two days away from completing my first NaBloPoMo, and I am out of creative list ideas to post about.


     I know!  I’ll give you a double-list post.  I’ll tell you what I made for my kids’ birthday celebration, and then I’ll follow it up with a list of places I’d like to visit.  There.  Problem solved.  Cop out?  Yes.  Lazy?  Absolutely.  Do I care?  Not one little bit.  (Well, that’s not entirely true… I just don’t care enough to think up a better idea.)


List of what I made for dinner

  • Chicken in Sauce   (my kids’ nickname for cream cheese chicken)
  • White rice
  • Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole
  • French bread
  • Chocolate-Orange Cake
  • Schwan’s Apple Cherry Berry punch


List of those who attended tonight’s double-birthday dinner, in honor of Alex and Kendra

  • Kenny
  • Kemi
  • Alex
  • Kendra
  • Hannah
  • Anthony
  • Grandpa
  • Grandma
  • Uncle Kevin
  • Uncle Konnon
  • Aunt Kristi
  • Abbie
  • Aunt Kelli

(Yes, all our names start with “K”.  It was on purpose.  For years, maybe even until after I was married, we were known collectively as the “K Kids” by the aunts and uncles.)


List of vacations I dream about

  • Austrailia
  • Switzerland
  • Germany     (Kenny’s motherland.  If I didn’t list it, he’d never forgive me.)
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Hawaii
  • Canada
  • Amtrak trip through New England in the fall
  • A cruise to anywhere, even if we never got off the boat
  • Disneyland     (We took Alex and Kendra in October 2006.  I am STILL homesick for that place.  Best. Vacation. Ever.)
  • San Francisco
  • The Oregon Coast
  • Seattle
  • A private luxury spa 

     I got myself into trouble with that last one.  I want one of those really fancy ones with guest cottages and sprawling grounds and gourmet meals and pampering 24/7, and I want to go by myself.  (Maybe with a suitcase of books that I can choose to read… or not.)  Kenny said, “By yourself with me, right?”  Uh, no.  By myself, by myself.  He was outraged and insulted to think I would want to take a vacation without him, to think that I could ever imagine him as someone to get away from, even if for a week.  I finally let the discussion drop because he was so upset, but it doesn’t mean I don’t secretly yearn to have a “Calgon” week all to myself.  If the opportunity ever arose, I would move Heaven and Earth to make it happen.


     Someone back me up on this.  (Please!)  Is it only me who would happily step away from her life for a week?  Just seven days?


     I promise I’d come back.


5 Responses to “Lists of silly things”

  1. Accountable Says:

    I would settle for 2 days to myself. No hubby. No kids. No cares except wondering what book I’d be reading next.

  2. pppj Says:

    Oh my yes. I would go by myself too. It would be great not to be called Mommy for a few days. It would be great not to be called ANYTHING in the fact that people wouldn’t talk to you unless to take your order. I could sit by a pool and read and just listen to the waves….and not one person would know me.

    Let your husband know it’s not personal – it would just be great to just BE.

  3. firstsister Says:


    My husband goes away for 1-2 weeks every year, fishing on Martha’s Vineyard. Without me.

    All his friends think I’m such a cool, great, wife because I “let” him go and don’t give him any grief about it. HAA! I love my little vacation while he’s away and I’m sure he loves his vacation away from me even though he says he misses me.

    Heck, we’ve been married for almost 31 years. We DESERVE to be apart once in a while. We’ve earned it! hahaha

    I’m going away this weekend on a Christian Women’s Retreat.

    CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

  4. Goldie Says:

    Oh no, I totally get it. everyone needs some “me time” no matter HOW much we love people it is nice to have space to just exist, NO expectations placed upon you whatsoever.

    Cream Cheese Chicken? Sounds yummy! How do you make it?

  5. Kemi Says:

    Goldie, it’s the easiest recipe ever. Very fattening, so use at your own risk, but it’s worth the calories every once in a while.

    1. Place approximately 3 pounds of chicken in a crock pot. (It can be cut into bite-sized chunks or left whole, boneless-breast-style.)

    2. Sprinkle one package of dry Good Seasons Italian dressing mix over the chicken.

    3. Cook on high for three-ish (chunks) or four-ish (breasts) hours.

    4. When chicken is cooked through, add an 8-oz. package of cream cheese and 1 can Cream of Chicken soup. (Add it to the chicken broth- don’t drain.) Stir well, until the “sauce” is smooth, or until the cream cheese is no longer lumpy.

    5. Serve over egg noodles or rice.

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