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Dear Mouse (MICE?), April 3, 2008

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Dear Mouse (or is it MICE?!?!?) who live(s) in my garage,


     I know you are out there.  I’ve found the evidence, and I will never leave chips out there again.  (So glad to know you like Fritos.)


     I like your kind.  I do.  Especially the cute little ones you find in cages at the pet store.  But to be honest, the thought of you crawling through my house at night, leaving your little germ-filled fecal pellets behind makes me cringe.  And shudder.  And cringe some more.  I know it’s cold.  I know it’s still snowing (even in April!) and that forces you to take shelter in warm spaces.  I get that you probably have little mouse babies to provide for, and I am not unsympathetic to your struggles.




     I am asking you to please stay in the garage.  Don’t come in the house.  There is lots of dust in the garage that you can use to nest in.  There’s even insulation, and a couple of old boots.  Use them, please.  Don’t come in the house.  I don’t want to be forced to put out the traps.  Or the poison.  They make me cry.  They will make you die, and that’s a lose-lose for both of us.


     I’ll even spring for a couple of bags of Fritos, and I’ll open them this time, so you don’t have to chew a dime-sized hole through the foil to get to them.  (That can’t feel good on the teeth.)


     Thanks, little one(s).  Remember, the garage.  G-A-R-A-G-E.  Garage= good, comfort, food.  House= bad, horrible, painful death.

This post is brought to you by the letters E (eeeeek!) and H (Hantavirus), and by the number 1 (please, just one!).

5 Responses to “Dear Mouse (MICE?),”

  1. Yikes. That was such a polite request. I hope the mouse heeds your warnings.

  2. Mercedes Says:

    I am really enjoying your letters! You are kicking but with this letters theme-for sure! I have decided to do Blogthings: One letter a day! I’m not very creative-lol! I have posted my first Blogthings letter today: A is for Age. Come on over and check it out:


  3. Mercedes Says:

    oops~ I spelled butt wrong-lol!

  4. Jackie Says:

    Too funny! You’re a better woman than I. Mice (and other outdoor creatures) and I have an agreement. When I go outside, I am in their world. I tready softly, try not to disturb them, and admire their goings on from afar. But the second they cross the threshold into my house, they fail to show me the same respect. So, all bets are off!

  5. Ruth Says:

    You might want to set some traps in your house to be proactive. If you don’t want the mice to suffer, Multi-Kill traps kill instantly with a quick shock.
    Here’s the trap I’m referring to:

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