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Dear Kenny (2.0), April 8, 2008

Dear Kenny,


     I am really upset with you tonight. 


     When you told me you’d leave at six so I could be home for my Enrichment party, I really thought you would be.  The Enrichment party I was in charge of, the party I planned, the party I’ve been working on for the past three  months.  The party I was supposed to help set up for (at 6:00, but I said I could be a few minutes late), the party I was supposed to bring dessert for.  The party to celebrate the birthday of Relief Society.


     When you walked through the door at 7:05 and shrugged at me with a nonchalant shrug and a casual “Sorry”, you may as well have punched me in the stomach.  You acted like it was no big deal to come home almost an hour late, and then you yelled at me because I was angry.  Of course I was angry, because by that time, the event was already in progress.  Halfway over, and I still had to run to the store for last-minute emergency desserts (thank you, Anthony, for taking exactly one bite out of 36 cookies).  I showed up at the church at 7:25, and they were wrapping things up.  Tables were starting to come down, and the guests were milling around and saying their goodbyes.


     And I had missed the whole thing.


     You were late and you didn’t seem to care, and that really hurt my feelings.  Tonight was a big deal for me, and YOU made me miss it.  Because you were shooting the breeze with your former co-workers.  Because you went to turn in your resignation and you let yourself get caught up in the lies and manipulation you’ve been fighting for the past six months.  Because you needed almost two hours to sign the “I quit” form and say your goodbyes to the six other people who work there.


     I’m frustrated and I’m sad and I’m hurt.  Hurt that you didn’t care more about me and all the work I put into tonight’s celebration, sad that I had to miss it, and frustrated that you think I was out of line to be upset.





This post is brought to you by the letter D (doghouse).


4 Responses to “Dear Kenny (2.0),”

  1. pppj Says:

    Oh that IS frustrating. I hope next time you just hire a sitter and leave when YOU want to and if he complains about the $$ on a sitter remind him about this night.

    Gee – right after you were told to take time out for YOU this weekend…what a kick in the teeth

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hey! Just wanted to leave a note here and thank you for your little note on my blog. It is always nice to hear from new people! 🙂

    Sounds like someone really IS in the doghouse. What a real bummer…There may not be anything to really make up for it, but I hope things somehow work themselves out.

    And most of all, I hope you have a great day today…

  3. firstsister Says:


    Oh, I’m so sorry you missed your celebration. I’m also sorry that Kevin didn’t understand how important this ocassion was for you.

    Husbands…they’re a special breed, alright. We knock ourselves out just trying to figure out why they can’t figure us out.

    Hope he’ll come around and offer you the apology you deserve.

    Paula 🙂

  4. Dani Says:

    Hi, please dont be too stressed if there are not a lot of women showing. It is wonderful what you are doing. We have the same problem in our ward. I think its because everyone has so much to do in their lives. Maybe we need to figure out what is of their interest and what do they really need. I dont know….

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