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What season are we in? April 15, 2008

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     I am sitting here in a t-shirt and capris, having kicked off my flip-flops ages ago.  I am also wrapped tightly in a fleece blanket, shivering like I am stranded in Antarctica.


     Why are you so cold?  you ask.  (And thank you for your concern.)


     Because it’s snowing outside.  Yes, snow.  Big, fat flakes alternating with sleet and frosty pellets of frozen rain.  It’s April 15, and it’s snowing.


     I am not a complete moron.  (No snickering.  I heard that.)  When I got dressed this morning, it was very warm.  Very.  Warm.  We’ve been running the air conditioner for the past two days.  Without it, our house was a sweltering 74 degrees.  I went on a field trip with Kendra yesterday, and I got sunburned.   Badly, painfully sunburned on my neck, face and arms.  It was 78 degrees yesterday, for crying out loud.


     And this afternoon, there is snow.


     I am cold and wet after having made the ten-step jog from garage to van, to pick up my children from school.   (For once they listened to their mother and did NOT wear a jacket (or long sleeves or long pants or socks with their sandals– Hush.  They are 9 and 8…  they can get away with that look!), nor did they take one with them just in case.)  Then we all ran back into the house.  Less than five seconds in the snow, and I am covered in it.  Way beyond damp.  (Hence, the shivering.) 


     Did I mention that today is April 15?  And it is snowing?  And YESTERDAY it was 78 degrees?


     Don’t mind me.  I’m just a little cranky.  The snow is starting to stick and I am all out of hot chocolate.


     And marshmallows.


5 Responses to “What season are we in?”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    You have been spammed on your about me page-aaaahhhhh!

    Also~if you think I have been phished on MySpace-please let me know. I don’t get over there often and thanks to Busty-she informed me quick that I was phished there. Go Busty!


  2. lifeofdi Says:

    Are you a fellow Loganite? Because it sounds exactly like the weather I was experiencing… Grrr…

  3. Kemi Says:

    Salt Lake City.

    Logan, huh? Small world! 🙂

  4. lifeofdi Says:

    Yep! Just finishing up my last semester at USU. I like your blog 😀 I’m glad you found me.

    And as I am typing this, my co-workers have just informed me it is snowing again…

  5. Goldie Says:

    Gotta love the crazy weather. We have used heat and a/c in the same day a lot lately.

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