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Worried April 18, 2008

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     My sister was “low census-ed” at work today, which means Abbie’s dad has to return her two hours early.  He’s had double the minimum visitation already this week, so it’s not like my sister is taking anything away from him.  Also, he’s the one who insisted on being the daycare provider while she works.  If Abbie was at a regular daycare, there would be no problem with showing up and taking her home at the end of my sister’s shift, whether it ended early or not.


     Here’s the problem:


     Abbie’s dad has issues with control, with rage, with controlling his rage… and he has been stalking her at work and making threats.  It’s been an hour and a half since my sister’s shift ended.  She isn’t answering her cell phone or her work pager.  No one knows where she is, if she got Abbie, or if either of them are safe.


     I hate worrying…  and when people don’t answer their cell phones.


2 Responses to “Worried”

  1. K. Trainor Says:

    How scary! Since your next post took another turn, I presume you’ve heard she’s just fine…? Hope everything’s ok.

  2. Kemi Says:

    She’s okay. I meant to “Update” and got sidetracked.

    We will all be so glad when custody is “officially” determined and some rules are put in place. She goes before the judge in 8 or 9 days…

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