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What a waste! April 28, 2008

     After doing three loads of laundry, tending Abbie for half the day, making a pretty-darn-good dinner (baked potatoes with a choose-your-own topping bar and sparkly lime jello parfaits), holding Family Home Evening (planning for May’s activities), helping Alex with his book report* and making a last-minute dash to Michael’s for the perfect-sized stickers to adorn it, I sat down with Kenny to relax for the night.


     I pulled out my newest splurge, a bottle of OPI “Argenteeny Pinkini”, and set out to paint my nails.  Kenny turned on “Cloverfield” (I didn’t really enjoy it…  slept through most of it), and the motion of the camera was too much for me to take.  I was cold, so he covered me up with a blanket, and somehow I pulled my arms under it.  When I woke up for the last two minutes of the movie, I had to literally peel my fingernails away from the blanket.  😦  So much for cute, summery nails.  Now they’re all bumpy and textured.


     Wait, is that the new look?  No?  Darn.  I didn’t think it was.


     And this would be the reason my fingernails are always the same boring shade of natural…



*He chose “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” for his report.  (He had to create a bookmark.  A fancy one.)  We’ve been reading that book a lot this month, since it’s Anthony’s new favorite.  (All my kids loved it.  It’s a great book.)  He made the coconut tree with the letters marching up the trunk and into the leaves, and when you hold it at the bottom, the weight of the leaves make it bend, which is exactly what happens in the book.  It’s really cute, and he did all the work himself. 

I hope his teacher doesn’t care that he didn’t choose a chapter book.  Because this is the same nine-year-old kid who read “The Hobbit”. 


3 Responses to “What a waste!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    What a great book–we just checked that one out from the library and love it!

    Bummer about your nails! Good thing for nail polish remover and a chance to start over! 🙂

  2. We LOVE Chicka Chicka Boom Boom & Chicka Chicka 1-2-3.

  3. That dinner sounds really good! In fact, all of these things that you accomplished sound great. Your nails will be easy to do another day.

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