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April NaBloPoMo Results April 30, 2008

Filed under: NaBloPoMo — Kemi @ 9:47 pm

     I did it again!  I posted every single day, without fail.  I’m really proud of myself for meeting my goal for two consecutive months.


     I won’t be committing to May’s challenge, though.  I still plan to post regularly, but mostly when the mood strikes me.  This month there were times I threw something together at the last minute, just to make my daily post.  I’d prefer to post when inspiration (or craziness…  I’m not picky, and I have both to draw from) comes.  Plus, I promised myself that I would focus less on my online endeavors and more on my home and family.  (‘Cuz, you know, when you take an hour out of your day to catch up on all the blogs, it’s especially hard to stay motivated by all that needs to be done in your house!) 


     So, until tomorrow…  or not. 


     Oh, and thanks for taking this journey with me!   




4 Responses to “April NaBloPoMo Results”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Will be waiting to see your next stroke of inspiration!!

    Wish I didn’t have to write every night…but my grandma expects it now…and I hear about it if I don’t…

    sigh… 🙂 LOVE it, and LOVE her…but some nights I am just too darn tired!

  2. Congratulations on meeting the challenge, Kemi! I am totally with you on preferring not to post every day.

  3. firstsister Says:

    Congratulations Kemi! I totally admire that you did it.

    Don’t know if you’ve visited my blog lately, or not, but if you have, you’ll have seen that I haven’t blogged a thing since early April.


    Don’t know why….partly because I’ve been kind of busy, but partly because I just haven’t been able to get it together enough to put my thoughts out there.

    We’ll see what May brings. 🙂

  4. Mercedes Says:

    Congratulations Kemi! Woohoo! I too completed the challenge for two consecutive months…and for some crazy reason I have signed up to take on the challenge again~at such a busy time of the school year-aaaaahhhhh! What was I thinking? Toodles!


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