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April Showers bring May snowstorms!!! May 1, 2008

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My tulips yesterday…



And today…



Oh yeah, that’s snow  in the background.  And it’s starting to stick.  


May came in like a lion.  Clearly, she thought she was March…



4 Responses to “April Showers bring May snowstorms!!!”

  1. Angela Says:

    This is cute. And sad. Sorry.

  2. Your tulips are so beautiful! How bad was the damage? Did they make it through the snow storm?

  3. Kemi Says:

    They came through the storm unscathed. Some of them have opened wider than normal, because the weight of the snow forced the petals out, but they still look great.

    Luckily, the forecast only calls for rain, so we’ll see what happens…

  4. Rebecca Says:

    HAHAHA!!!! I love it! [“May came in like a lion. Clearly, she thought she was March…”]

    My family told me that it was snowing out there in UT the other day… I thought they were joking! LOL!!!

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