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June NaBloPoMo June 1, 2008

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    So, I took a month off.  My blogging was spotty and sporadic.  I wrote when I wanted to, but I let myself get distracted by some thingsother things (Amber, you darling, I have not forgotten you!), and still other things, and what I wanted to write about got pushed off.  Time passed.  Life moved on, and I have to ask, how many of you really care about what happened two weeks ago?  (Three consecutive days of field trips.  Holy cow, it was EXHAUSTING!)  or that I took my kids to Morgan for the traditional Smith Family Memorial-Day BBQ at my Aunt and Uncle’s house?  (And that every morning since, Anthony wakes up and askes, “Go to B-Q at Unka Vaughn’s house?”).


     Imagine my surprise and delight when I got the NaBloPoMo invite in my inbox this afternoon, and it said that June’s theme is “Home”.  Oh, I can SO do this theme.  Not only do I live in a home, but I care for one, my children destroy semi-clean parts of one on a daily basis, and my husband works darn hard to pay the mortgage on one.  Funny things happen in my home.  Disgusting things happen in my home, too, like toddlers who remove their diapers and sit on furniture with *ahem* clingies  that mash into the upholstery.  What a joy to scrub that out of the fabric!!!


     (I would totally not be offended if you came to my home and asked for a clean towel to lay on the couch before you SIT on the couch.  I’m just saying…) 


     Anyway, I’m throwing my hat back in the ring.  I missed blogging every single day (or most of them).  I can’t wait to report on something that happens tomorrow, because our church starts at 9:00 AM, I have an 8:00 AM meeting, and I am teaching the lesson in Relief Society.


     Perhaps I could write about how my husband got all four kids fed, dressed, groomed and ready for church ALL ON HIS OWN, but then that would be fantasy fiction, and I’m all about keeping it real.


     Clingies and all.  Yuck.


UPDATE:  The meeting went long and I came home at 8:45 expecting to get all four kids ready, but when I walked through the door, three fully dressed, neatly groomed kids were sitting on the couch, Anthony just needed shoes, and Kenny was putting on his tie.  HOLY COW!  He did it!  (Now he’s gonna have to do it again.  And again.  Every time I have an early meeting.  *grin*)


The lesson went wonderfully well.  I taught about motherhood and ways to make the journey a little less painful.  I started the lesson by reading No, David! by David Shannon, and finished it up with Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.  There was not a dry eye in the room, and it was funny to hear everyone sniffling during the closing prayer.  I had a lot of women come to tell me that they loved my lesson, and it was just what they needed to hear.  It was a good Sunday meeting.




10 Responses to “June NaBloPoMo”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I am SOOOOOO happy, happy, happy you are gonna take this challenge again! You are such an inspirational writer…and I have sure missed hearing from ya! 🙂

    Yeah for all these future stories…can hardly wait!

  2. This theme is going to be great! I’m glad you’re going to post everyday because I love reading what you write. Did you see that Mrs. Metaphor wrote about Twilight on her blog? I thought of you!

  3. ybtolerant Says:

    HA! Nice- read that outloud to my family. We have a family of 5 – me and two puppies + parents. We have only crzy stuff happen in our home. like me locking Humphrey in the pantry just this morning. it was great since it’s see through and we could watch him sniffing. then you have dad vaccuuming and then we all rampage in the living room to mess it all up *intentiontally* LOL

    YAY! She hasn’t forgot about me – but thank goodness you forgot the twilight obsession. Mine finally died down, now I’m reading Bryan Davis’ new book “Beyond the Reflections Edge” his first book to his new series “Echoes from the Edge”.

    Well now – I’ve been posting *ahem* unlike you … just to point that out *despite* being busy studying for finals! ^_-(hint at the sarcasm here – I’m being funny folks)

    Anyways – Glad to see you back mah dear –

  4. NightMistress Says:

    So, there you are! lol You can do this.

  5. Mercedes Says:

    Woohoo! Glad you are joining in again. I am trying to get back to the blog of things at my place. I don’t visit or comment back like I used to. In time I should be up to par-I hope! Toodles!


  6. Kemi Says:

    Heavens, Mere, you needed some time off to grieve. 🙂

    I hope you’re feeling better. *hugs*

  7. pppj Says:

    Way to go Kemi! I’m looking forward to reading all you have to share!

  8. K. Trainor Says:

    Welcome back–can’t wait to see what you have in store! 😀

  9. kspin Says:

    Oh, Love You Forever is one of my favorite books. I actually bought it for my husband when I was pregnant and he still can’t read it to our kids without crying…it’s been seven years! (very sweet)

    Glad to see you will be blogging more! I may be blogging a lot less while I’m up there. No internet at parents and I think I’m leaving the laptop in AZ with hubby. I may not survive!! 🙂

  10. Steve Says:

    Hi there, Kemi. Nice post – glad the Sunday meeting went well.

    I’m not sure about the etiquette of suggesting things for people to blog about – it’s probably akin to suggesting what someone should name their newborn baby or suggesting what they should talk about at a party – i.e. Not Really Done. But I will anyway, just this once. You’ll see why.

    The most extraordinary thing has happened to me this week. 600 refugees from Timbuktu landed in my backyard – well, 5k down the road to be exact. I should add that I am an Englishman living in a small town called Djibo in the north of Burkina Faso. The refugees are fleeing the mounting violence between troops and rebels in the Timbuktu area.

    600 is a small number compared to those recently made homeless in China and Burma, but it was very frustrating to visit the camp and to see that nobody yet is helping these people. I’m going to try and do something to help them myself.

    I blogged about the Timbuktu refugees on my blog and put some photos on this public facebook album:

    It struck me that the story might interest those doing this month’s NaBloPoMo if (heaven forbid) they are stuck for ideas any day soon. The story is interesting (how’s Timbuktu for a irresistible name!), it’s topical (it’s kind of about home, or leaving one’s home) and it should result in these refugees receiving the aid they deserve.

    Get in touch via my blog if you have any questions or comments about this, or if you feel you are able to mention it on your blog.

    God bless.

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