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Oopsie June 18, 2008

     I just realized this morning that, for all my good NaBloPoMo intentions, I have not blogged for the past two days.




     The “old” Kemi (you wait…  someone will google “old” and “Kemi” and be led to THIS post, and then I’ll be forced to track them down and kick them) would have panicked, cried, felt like a failure, and either

a) posted double entries to “make up” for missing two days, or

b) given up.


     Here I am, the “new” (YOUNG) Kemi who is choosing secret option C, and that is to laugh it off.  Missing two days of NaBloPoMo is not going to kill me.  Really, it will make no difference in my future.  (Unless I win the drawing, in which case I will be forced to forfeit my prize due to inconsistent posting.  That would really stink, wouldn’t it?)


     You see, we’ve been dealing with a lot over the past two weeks.  Most of that has to do with my sister and her ex, who got physical with her and injured her to the point where she will have physical therapy for months to heal the muscles in her back.  I have been tending Abbie almost every day, between Kristi’s trips to the police station, the hospital, physical therapy, court, mediation, and all that other horrible stuff.  I was appointed as intermediary (joy), so not only am I the pick-up and drop-off point, I am their communication mouthpiece as well.  (Bigger joy.) 


     (At Monday’s exchange, I got to hear how unfit I was as a caregiver, and how he would have preferred complete strangers to care for her, because they could do a better job than I did.  Because we all know that my FOUR kids have managed to keep themselves alive through sheer dumb luck and with absolutely no help from me.)  (Then, after he tried to change the afternoon drop-off location, I had to remind him that he was in violation of the custody orders, to which he started screaming, “Don’t you threaten me!  Don’t you EVER threaten me!”)  Good times. 


     So is it any wonder that I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 PM on Monday night?  Nope, didn’t think so.  And yesterday was just as crazy, so after the kids went to bed, instead of blessing you with a blog post, I watched some episodes of “F*R*I*E*N*D*S” on DVD (Season 1 is really quite un-funny!  Why’d we keep watching it?) and worked on Abbie’s cross-stitch.


     I think I was asleep by 10:30.


10 Responses to “Oopsie”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Do they seriously offer PRIZES for daily posting? DANG, I’ve got to subscribe to this! 🙂 jk!

    You DESERVE a couple days off (though, not technically OFF, just off the computer). You have a TON of stuff going on–

    Just consider yourself forgiven….

    Any news from the inspector yet>

  2. Yay! I like the option of carrying on and not worrying about missing days. I’m so sorry about what’s going on with Abbie and your sister.

  3. K. Trainor Says:

    Great Gopher Guts! I’ve never heard of NaBloPoMo, but I’m sure whoever or whatever it is will forgive you. What a lot on your plate! I hope things settle down with your sister. What an awful situation. I’m sorry you’re in the middle of it.

  4. Mercedes Says:

    you are #6 in the Google search-LOL! Bless you being in the middle! I was appointed once for my cousin’s little girl…for different reasons.


  5. High Hopes Says:

    Hey Kemi Hugs to you! Its no biggie if you don’t blog every day.

    As for the ex – I can’t write what I was thinking it would have to be censored. Needless to say&*#$&#(@#$&@(#%&(!!!!! otta do.

  6. kweenmama Says:

    I’ve never heard of NaBloPoMo either but I’m pretty sure they don’t have the NaBloPoMo POlice to come get you (do they?).

    I had set a schedule for myself to blog every OTHER day and blew it just this week…and I wasn’t dealing with a sister’s divorce problems or her crazy ex (just kids scheules).

    You deserve to take a break.

  7. harshsingal Says:

    Hey Abbey,
    Its not important that one blogs everyday. Sometimes you do need a to spend time with yourself with no one around…

    How is your sister now ??

  8. harshsingal Says:

    sometimes you need time to spend with yourself with no one around. so it is ok if you dont blog everyday.. you will win a prize based on your quality and not quantity

    Hows your sister now??

  9. Kemi Says:

    Sister update:

    After HE assaulted HER, Kristi’s ex drove straight to the police station and filed a police report claiming that she grabbed him by the shirt collar and physically lifted and then threw him into the side of his truck. (He’s 6’3″ and 170 pounds of pure marine corp/firefighter muscle. She’s 5’4″ and still recovering from a C-section.)

    It was a blatant lie and a “smoke-and-mirrors” attempt to cover up his violent tendencies. (If he’s ever convicted of abuse, he’ll lose his job as a firefighter. I guess they have a no-tolerance policy or something.) So far he’s managed to keep his hands clean by either lying or threatening to inflict worse, but I hope that one day his victims will come forward and put an end to the physical and psychological torment.

    Even though she was the one with injuries, all documented through photos and a doctor’s report, Kristi’s lawyer didn’t feel like it was serious enough to warrant a protective order. She settled for a mutual restraining order and a third-party child exchange point. (Me.)

    Kristi is trying to absorb her new role as “Domestic Abuse Victim”. To her, it seems surreal, like she’s living someone else’s Lifetime Movie. She’s been working with someone who can help her figure everything out, and she’s beginning to see that she suffered abuse almost from the very first minute she met her ex.

    She was told that she still has a strong survival instinct, and that made her very happy. I think she felt validated to know that she reacted the way most victims do, and that her ex was very careful to keep her under his control.


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