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A Quick Update… June 30, 2008

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     My blogging has been terrible this month…  I know.  I’m working on it.


     The virus that we were dealing with over a week ago has come back again, only this time it’s affected everyone except Hannah.  (Poor Anthony!  This is his second round with it!)  Luckily, two-thirds of us know better than to vomit on the floor, so the clean-up hasn’t been as bad.  Thank goodness.


     I will be back once we’ve kicked this thing.  Or I’ve caught up on laundry.  Maybe both.


     Mwah!  I miss you all.  I hope to be back soon.


9 Responses to “A Quick Update…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    May we aim for you coming back when you’ve all kicked it–not caught up on laundry..

    Let’s be honest–that will never really happen. Not because it’s you, but because it’s LAUNDRY….it seriously multiplies and never ends! 🙂

    Feel better….

  2. Mercedes Says:

    I hope you guys nip this in the bud real soon! Bless You!


  3. lifeofdi Says:

    Even though this sucks, I totally loved the sentence “Luckily, two-thirds of us know better than to vomit on the floor.”

    Unfortunately it leads the reader to remember that at least one-third of you do not know better than to vomit on the floor… Good luck with the clean-up.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I hope you get better! Nothing is worse than dealing with a virus that won’t go away. Sleep and drink lots of fluids. 🙂

  5. K. Trainor Says:

    Sure hope your family feels better soon. The flu is the worst. 😦

  6. kweenmama Says:

    Get better, Kemi! We miss you!

  7. High Hopes Says:

    Get better Kemi! I hope the wee ones kick it quickly!

  8. harshsingal Says:

    Get Well soon, Kemi…. !!!!

  9. Pony Tales Says:

    Ugh. Hope all will be well…soon!!!

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