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Ten Good Things July 7, 2008

     Today was a good day, as far as days go.  I thought I’d write about ten good things that happened.  I know it’s not very interesting, or even exciting, but they were meaningful to me.


1.  I did laundry because I WANTED to, not because I HAD to.  There was no smelly pile of stuff to sneak in, no car seat covers to launder, no blankets to soak…  it was heavenly.  It was also a very welcomed break.


2.  Kenny took the kids to PetSmart this morning, and then to the park.  I had 90 minutes of uninterrupted time that I could spend doing as I wished.  I did a little blog reading, stripped our bed, put the sheets in the washer (see #1…  totally my choice!), flipped the mattress, ate some breakfast and played with the dogs for a bit.  I haven’t had time to myself in weeks.  Maybe even months. 


3.  Skittles has a new dog collar.  I was doubtful that one existed that could fit around her tiny neck, but I was proven wrong.  The collar is pink with polka-dots, and when unfastened, it’s about four inches in length.  Seeing her walk around, staggering under its heavy weight (yes, my puppy seems to have a flair for the dramatic) made me laugh.  She has tried to scratch and/or rub it off all afternoon, with no success.


4.  I remade our bed with clean sheets, substituting the down comforter for our summer quilt.  (Yeah, it’s been long overdue.  Kenny will be so happy tonight when he crawls into bed and doesn’t have to kick off the puffy blanket.)  I love crawling into a freshly-made bed.  There’s nothing quite like some hospital corners…


5.  I finished a really great book.  (Technically, I finished it yesterday, but I left it by the computer, so it just caught my attention.)  It’s called The Woods, by Harlan Coben, and I highly recommend it.  It is a mystery/thriller book about a murder that happened at a summer camp twenty years earlier, and I had a hard time putting it down.  Another thing I really loved about it was the fact that there was literally no swearing, no gory violence, no sex…  I think it may have been the first “clean” mystery I have ever read, with the exception of Mary Higgins Clark.  The Woods, however, is in a totally different league.  I am going to read more of Harlan Coben.


6.  Kenny sold a Tahoe at work this afternoon, bringing his grand total to five cars sold for the month of July (and we’re only 7 days into the month!).  He is currently ranked #1 salesman at his dealership, and he just started in mid-April.  They love him there, and we have been SOOOOO blessed because of his employment with Riverton Motors.  I am so grateful they hired him, and grateful that he is happy with his career.  He really got burned with his last job, so it’s nice to see him put it behind him and start fresh.  Plus, his success is making him more confident, which makes him happier at home, which makes us all happy.  It’s a win-win-win situation, all the way around.


7.  The kids filled up the inflatable pool today and “swam” for about two hours.  They knocked on the door for towels and popsicles, but I didn’t hear any “MOOOOOOOM!”s or “I’m telling!”s, which could very well be a first for them.  It was fun to watch them take turns and invent games and stories together.  When they are grown, this is the kind of memory I hope they think back to.  Of course, Anthony slept through the whole swim-fest, which was good, too.


8.   My neighbor dropped off my Avon order, which I had ordered so long ago, I had completely forgotten about it.  It was like Christmas in that little bag…  a new bracelet, some mousse, a pedometer (and a backup, because I have four kids!) and this yummy-smelling perfume that is called something like “Tropical Vacation” and smells like coconut and pineapple.  I sprayed some on my arm and I’ve walked around all night sniffing myself.


9.  Dinner was bologna sandwiches for the kids.  Not my favorite meal, but they loved it, I didn’t have to turn on the oven, and clean-up was a snap.  (Yay!  Kenny just confirmed that he is bringing home burritos from La Frontera for the two of us, which are to DIE for.)  Then we watched the “So You Think You Can Dance” results show, and they loved it.  (Normally, I just tell them who got kicked off.  From now on, they told me they want to see the actual results show.)  I listened to Kendra tell me how cute Matt was (is) about 20 times, and each time she said it, I gave a little groan inside.  She is EIGHT.  Nevermind the fact that he is twenty-something;  let’s talk about my little girl and her sudden interest in CUTE boys.  I am SO not ready for this…


10.  While waiting for everyone to assemble for SYTYCD, I saw a commercial for “Big Brother 10”.  I know they just finished BB9, so I wasn’t expecting another season this year.  To put it mildly, I AM A RAVING FAN!!!  I could totally be on BB, if my kids were grown up and I didn’t have to leave them.  I might not last for more than a week or two, but I think it would be a BLAST!  I wouldn’t even care about the half-million-dollar prize, either.  For me, it would be about a vacation.  Isn’t that sick?  (Don’t answer that.  I don’t really care to hear it affirmed.)


11.  Okay, so I know I said 10 things, but here is an extra, just for fun:

     About a month ago I was feeling really down, and my adorable kids wanted to lift my spirits.  They made me a card and drew some pictures in it, each leaving me a message.  I found it today, while I was sorting some papers at the computer, and it’s too funny not to share.



to Mommy

from Kendra/Hannah/Alex

Open this up and see

how lucky you are to

be a wife and a

Mommy to kids/husband

who love you and 

be happy  🙂  !   



you rock for a mom  🙂



you are the best mom ever




fish!=I love you


4 Responses to “Ten Good Things”

  1. Rachel Says:

    What a great list….oh, and AMEN on the fresh sheets thing. NOTHING Better! 🙂

    Congrats to Kenny for all the big sales. What an accomplishment!

  2. kweenmama Says:

    Gratitude seems to be in the air. So many of the blogs I’ve been reading the last two days have had to do with gratitude in some way. Yours is a great list!

  3. High Hopes Says:

    Wow Kemi thats great! I think I will tag myself with this and think of 10 great things and post them on my bloggio.

    I’m glad you are out of the pukefest. I hate washing pukey sheets and stuff – Gak!

  4. […] 10 good things Posted on July 8, 2008 by highhopes1 I was reading my good friend Kemi’s blog and she posted an article about 10 things she was grateful for – see link – […]

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