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Arrrrrgh, ye mateys July 11, 2008

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     Wednesday was pirate day for our camp.


     We started off the morning with Marshmallow Mateys cereal (that’s generic Lucky Charms for anyone who doesn’t know).  Then, in another stroke of genius, I sent the kids outside to bail out their leaky boat with some plastic sand pails.  (They emptied the swimming pool.)  After they dried off (!), we made eye patches.


     Oh, the eye patches…  I wish I would have set up a secret camera to capture the process.  We started off with plain black patches, and the kids got to decorate them.  (In hindsight, I should have used black felt or a sheet of craft foam, but in the spirit of anti-perfectionism, we used what I had, which was construction paper.)  They are NOT very pirate-ish, but they are still very cool, and they speak volumes about my kids and their personalities.  (We even made one for Abbie.)

(clockwise from top center:  Abbie, Anthony, Kendra, Alex, Hannah)


     After lunch, we had a pirate treasure hunt.  I had the kids help me sort our plastic food, the Little People toys (gaah!  Don’t get me started!  No matter how many times we sort them into their correct bins, they still end up all over the house), books and shoes, and for every “treasure” they found, they got to trade it in for pirate booty.  I used gold-foil-wrapped Rolos (because apparently you can only buy chocolate coins for St. Patrick’s Day) and you would have thought it was Halloween.  From the delighted squeals for chocolate or the resulting sugar high, I’m not entirely certain of which.


     I forced the kids to have some quiet time in the afternoon, because by that point I was ready to walk my own plank, and after they got up, we started our “Buried Treasure Mac & Cheese”.  It was utterly disgusting and completely unhealthy, which is why my kids gobbled it right up, I’m sure.  (Sssssh…  don’t tell them I used– gasp– LEFTOVERS.)  I sliced up our last hot dog and two hamburgers from the 4th of July BBQ and threw them into some penne pasta and cheese sauce.  (My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and not in the good way.)  I even called it “Bacon Cheeseburger Mac” but was quickly and unanimously corrected by my little swashbucklers.  In unison.


     After we swabbed the deck (dang it, we should have mopped the kitchen floor in our socks!  Next year…) and cleared the dinner dishes, we watched Camp Rock, which had nothing to do with pirates, but was taking up valuable space on our DVR.  (Oh, I am HORRIBLE!)  Everyone enjoyed it, although some of them enjoyed it more than some of me. 


     Oh well.  We were together, and that was important. 




5 Responses to “Arrrrrgh, ye mateys”

  1. High Hopes Says:

    Arrrgh Matey’s, I love the pirate patches!!!!!! In the municipality that we live in they we have Buccaneer Days, the whole town goes pirate (because we live on an Island). It is really fun, so you would fit in here really well!

  2. OMG, your children look so cute in that photo, Kemi! What fun!

  3. Rachel Says:

    WOW! GREAT PLAN!!! What a cute idea. I bet your kids are in HEAVEN with all this awesome planning you’ve done! Seriously, great job!

  4. kweenmama Says:

    “Some of them enjoyed it more than some of me.”

    I just love the way you put things! Makes me laugh!

  5. […] I am not much of a pirate, which is evidenced below.  Plus, I did Pirate Day with my kids back in July, so I’m going to take a pass on this […]

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