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MiXeD~uP mAnIa DaY July 11, 2008

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     (Don’t you just HATE it when people make their screen names or titles look all weird?  I promise to never do that to you again.)


     Thursday was Mixed-up Mania day, so naturally we had to do things in the craziest way possible.  My kids got up, checked their camp mailbags and were greeted by the following message: 

Dear Campers,


     DO NOT get dressed this morning.  Stay in your pajamas. 


When you get up, you can watch television or play video games.  The first person to read this sign is the first person to choose Nintendo or computer.


Lunch will be ready between 8:30 and 9:00.


     You are going to LOVE today!


                           Your cool counselor


They had no idea what to think.  Games before breakfast?  (Well, “lunch”?)  It NEVER happens.  EVER.


     They were in kid heaven!


     Our schedule was crazy for the rest of the day.  We ate tortillas and grapes for breakfast lunch, had pizza for lunch dinner, and we took the kids to IHOP for dinner breakfast, where we made them order morning foods like pancakes and omelettes.  The kids were scheduled for baths and/or showers at different points during the day, rather than before bed, and they thought I was nuts.  They DID love the bath toys and bubbles, though.


     We sorted mis-matched socks (and cleared up a LOOOOOOT of space on my dresser), and the plan was to make mix-up books for our craft.  Do you remember those from childhood?  The kind where there were three separate parts to each page that you could turn and flip to make crazy combinations?


     Well, our afternoon plans sort of fell out the window when Kenny called me to say he was in the process of trading in his car for a new one.  In his defense, it was ten years old, and after he hit a MAJOR dip in the road last year at 50+ MPH (oh yeah, all four tires came off the ground), crumpling his transmission pan and loosening everything under his car, it was still running a little funny.  On the flip side, though, it was paid for.  Guess who won?  (Kenny is the proud new owner of a taupe-colored Chevy Impala.)  We spent the rest of the day running between the safe-deposit box and the dealership, getting everything signed and ready to go. 


     After the kids went to bed, I started working on some day-care comparisons for my sister.  Her ex is giving me a hard time about what I charge to tend Abbie, and he has refused to pay.  (He thinks it should be $0.  I disagree.)  He presented me a list of 12 facilities, but used some fuzzy math to come up with some low, loooooow fees, so I had to re-check his work to submit to Kristi’s lawyers for review.  It was mind-numbing, tedious work, but I felt victorious when I saw that my “outrageously high charges” were still several hundred (HUNDRED!) dollars lower than his figures. 


     Oopsie.  That’s what happens when you use real math, as opposed to creating your own figures.


     I turned off the computer at 12:30 AM and crawled into bed, exhausted.  I decided to take another camp break for a few days, so we’ll finish our last day next week.  That’s allowed, right?  Even if it isn’t, well, too bad. 


     I’ve never been good with following directions… and, um, it’s part of the mixed-up mania theme.  Yeah, that’s it.



5 Responses to “MiXeD~uP mAnIa DaY”

  1. Rachel Says:

    OOOOOHHH./…TOTALLY FUN DAY! REALLy gonna have to try this one! And YEs, I dO HaTe iT WhEn pEopLe dO tHIS…

    hooray on the new car!! YEAH! How fun!!! Well, at least until the first payment is due, right?

    Oh–sidenote…your fav dress on my giveaway, is mY favorite dress too….kindred friends…really. 🙂

  2. K. Trainor Says:

    What a fun day for the kids–you’re such a cool mom, Kemi! 😀

    rotflmao at your sister’s ex, and good for you for justifying yourself instead of just caving in. Your time is just as valuable as any other caregiver’s, and you should be paid accordingly. In fact, I probably would have asked for a raise. :0P

  3. kweenmama Says:

    That is an awesome idea! I wish I’d known about MiXeD uP mAnia DaY last year when I was camp director for our ward. I think even teenage girls would love it!

  4. highhopes1 Says:

    Wow Kemi MiXeDUpMAnIa DaY sounds cool, I will have to try that in August. Congrats on the new car!

    As for the your sister’s ex he is an idiot. How can anyone expect you to do this for free. He is lucky that she isn’t just a number in some center. He obviously has the where can I stash my kid for the least amount of cash mentality and nuturing has nothing to do with it. He needs to GROW UP and start being responsible.

  5. Ooooh, an Impala! That’s what the state troopers drive. 😀

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