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Who wants to win a cute summer dress? July 12, 2008

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     My friend Rachel is offering a really sweet giveaway this week on her blog.


     You’ll have to go visit her to see all the details, but I AM going to post my two favorites for you to see. 

(‘Cause I’m so helpful like that.)  *snort*



                  “Nicole”                                                          “Madeline”                                (back)


     I love the brown dress because of the contrast.  I like that it buttons to the right of center, rather than directly down the middle, and the fluttery, lettuce-edged sleeves look cute and summery.    (I wish I was 30 pounds lighter so I could actually wear it.)  It looks slimming and stylish, and I love that you could dress it up or make it casual, depending on your choice of accessories.


     The pink dress is my favorite little-girl dress, because it has a full skirt and the cute white trim, and when I saw the back, I actually screamed with delight.  (I am such a huge dork, but WHAT A CUTE COLLAR !)   I prefer the pink over the red dress.  It looks so feminine and soft, it reminds me of something a princess-in-training would wear.  Oooh, and the best parts– machine washable and $19.99.  Music to a mom’s ears. 


     Therefore, if I win, I will not be buying a dress for me, due to the sizing (SOB!), but Hannah and my niece, Abbie, will look adorable.


3 Responses to “Who wants to win a cute summer dress?”

  1. Rachel Says:

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! Glad you entered…hope you win!

  2. K. Trainor Says:

    Good luck on the contest!

  3. Prom Dresses Says:

    Really these dresses are lovely and beautiful.
    I think these dresses are very hot. Thanks a lot

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