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Sometimes you bite the muffin… July 18, 2008

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     I took this picture a few weeks ago, and it happened again yesterday.  Anthony does this to me on a regular basis.  He can eat a few bites out of every single piece of bread in a brand-new loaf, he’s taken one bite out of 36 cookies that were meant for a church party, and now you see how not even leftover muffins are safe. 


     Honestly, I do feed him.  I PROMISE.  He had already eaten an entire muffin, two scrambled eggs and a small bowl of Fruit Loops.  Of course, when I tried to offer him the rest of these muffins, he said no, because they had bites taken out of them.


     Uh, yeah…  they were HIS!!!


     I am trying to be patient, because I realize that he was sick for two weeks and ate very little.  Maybe this is his body’s way of making up for the starvation period.  I’m not sure. 


     It could also be that he is TWO, and no further explanation is necessary.


     In the meantime, just to be safe, you should hide all your baked goods.


6 Responses to “Sometimes you bite the muffin…”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    Bless him! This is too funny and not so funny-lol! Hide the baked goods! Love it!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    HAHA!!!! That’s hilarious (a pain for you) but SO funny!

  3. K. Trainor Says:

    Oh my goodness! One day you’ll laugh, though. (You don’t mind if we laugh today though, right?) BAhahahahaha! Look at those bites in every muffin! 😀

  4. High Hopes Says:

    Too funny – he is a munchy monster

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