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To pee or not to pee… July 31, 2008

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     This is how we spent last night…  poor Kenny.


     At almost exactly the same moment we pulled up to the annual ward swimming party, Kenny felt his first sharp pain.  We spent about 20 minutes in the pool while he paced the perimeter in agony and vomited several times.  He received a priesthood blessing and was seen by a doctor who is a member of our ward.  Several other members of the ward who had experienced kidney stones told us to go to the hospital (our current and former bishops had passed 26, collectively, so they knew what they were talking about!), so I dragged the kids out of the pool and we left right away, with a quick stop at home so I could change out of my wet swimming suit.


     (Kenny was protesting the whole time, refusing to be seen, but Dr. Payne said that while he might be fighting me now, in an hour he’d be begging me, so why put him through it?) 


     My mom met us at the ER and took the (wet! cold!) kids home to put them to bed (it was about 9:00 PM).  Kenny needed two shots of morphine to dull the pain.  Luckily, the cat-scan showed only one, and it’s tiny.  (Just 1-1.5 mm in size.)  After another dose of morphine to get him through the night, we were on our way home, with the admonition to keep Kenny awake and talking for another hour, so the effects of the morphine on his breathing would begin to wear off.  (His oxygen levels kept dropping to dangerously low levels.  I thought he should have stayed for observation, but what do I know?) 


     At 2:30 AM, we fell into bed, exhausted.  It’s hard keeping someone awake who is in a chemically-induced haze, especially when he’s experienced two hours of unrelenting, agonizing pain. 


     When Hannah poked me at 7:10 AM this morning and asked me if she could play on the computer (a HUGE no-no in our house…  no games or computers before breakfast and chores), I opened one eye and mumbled my consent, on the condition that she didn’t wake anyone else up.


     Today he is still sore, but SO much more comfortable.  We aren’t sure if he passed it yet, but the pain and blood have lessened so much, he thinks maybe it has.


     I have to say, I hope I never experience pain like that, although I think I have some idea of what he was experiencing, since I have experienced childbirth.  (Once he got his drugs, he kept saying, “I owe you SO much for doing this four times.  I don’t know how you stood it!”)  He was hurting so badly, he couldn’t sit still for a second.  He threw off his seat belt and writhed in agony the whole way home from the pool, and even though we live no more than ten minutes away, he walked the final stretch of the trip home, because it felt better than sitting for another thirty seconds. 


     For him, the whole night was a blur.  Earlier today, we were discussing the things that happened at the pool and the hospital, and he’d laugh and say, “Did that really happen?  I think I remember that!” or “Wow, I thought I dreamed that.”  Ahhh, morphine.


     While I think we are incredibly blessed to have a helpful and caring ward, a family who drops everything and rushes to our aid whenever it’s needed, several nearby hospitals to choose from, a competent and attentive medical staff, and a teeny, tiny (albeit painful!) kidney stone, I have to ask myself, WHY COULDN’T THIS HAVE WAITED TO HAPPEN UNTIL FRIDAY, when our new insurance takes effect?


8 Responses to “To pee or not to pee…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Doesn’t it ALWAYS work this way?!?! Darn it!

    Hope he is feeling better…on a high note, at least he can really feel greatful to you now. Maybe you can get a few footrubs out of the deal….”Hey Kenny, remember how you felt with that kidney stone? Remember how you said you owe me SO much for giving birth 4 times?? Now’s your chance!”


  2. kweenmama Says:

    Wow, not fun. I’m glad he’s feeling better. And bummer about the insurance. Bad timing.

  3. 🙂 Ohhhh KEMI!!!!!
    (It’s Amber – YBT b/t/w)
    Got Breaking Dawn Yet?
    I DO!!!!!!!
    Can’t ait for you to read it and tell me (us) what you think 🙂 !!

    Come on girl – hop on the badnwagon ^_^

  4. 😦 about Kenny … and sory about the typos :S

  5. Kemi Says:

    (pssst… Amber, no worries. 🙂 I haven’t gone to get Breaking Dawn yet, although Kenny is going shopping later, and I really hope he picks it up!

    He read all three books while we were on vacation, and he LOVED them. He’d totally understand how your excitement won out over concern for him. LOL In fact, he seemed a little irritated that I hadn’t already picked it up. You know, in all my spare time between trips to the hospital, tending my niece and running a household…

    How’s school?)

  6. Hi! Saw your post on loralee’s site and thought I’d drop in. I can tell you from having both kidney stones and two babies, that I’d go through labor again 12 times before I’d have one more kidney stone. Good Lord in heaven. But then my doc didn’t give me morphine – he just sent me home with an Rx for Vicodin. Somehow I’m thinking I got ripped off…..

  7. K. Trainor Says:

    Ouch, Ouch OUCH!! :S Worse than labor, Heather? I cannot imagine ANYTHING worse than labor. The poor man–hope he’s back to his old self in no time.

  8. cowgalutah Says:

    ouch…that just hurts!

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