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“Fruit Salad”, anyone? We’ve had enough of it at my house! August 5, 2008

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   In a desperate attempt to divert Anthony’s attention away from hitting his sisters, climbing the walls (literally!), breaking things and being a general pain-in-the-neck toddler, I grabbed the first kids’ video I could reach and stuffed it into the VCR last Saturday.


     Heaven help me, it was The Wiggles.


     For the past five days, I have heard the following four words sung repeatedly in a variety of melodies (although the word “melody” is questionable), voices and octaves:  Fruit Salad.  Yummy, yummy.  Over and over, until I want to poke sharp things into my ears.  Someone, give me my two ruptured eardrums back!


     Because I have the mental maturity of an 8-year-old  Desperate for a change in lyrics, I suggested “Poop Salad” to my husband, and wouldn’t you know, Anthony HAD to overhear.  Guess which variation he’s singing RIGHT NOW?


     You know what?  I don’t even care.  At least now we have an extra pair of lyrics to interchange with the original two.


     If I can’t convince him to take up a new song, then I am going to teach him the rest of it, even if it kills me.  (I won’t have hearing then, right?  RIGHT?!?!)


     Who wants a Wiggles video?





7 Responses to ““Fruit Salad”, anyone? We’ve had enough of it at my house!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    hahahahha!!!! They are pretty annoying, aren’t they? I never understood the fettish!

  2. drunkdreamer8 Says:

    just wanted to invite you to my blog (If I haven’t already- I have a new home)at if you needed some encouragment today.

  3. Could be worse. Could be Barney or Teletubbies…

  4. kweenmama Says:

    My youngest son used to watch those, although I don’t think we had the fruit salad one. I got so I couldn’t stay in the room too long when they were on. Hope you survive! 🙂

  5. K. Trainor Says:

    The Wiggles are the single most irritating group of people ever assembled. Heaven help you.

  6. highhopes1 Says:

    I would rather watch the Wiggles than Barfie (Barney) I hated that obnoxious purple dinosaur.

    Kemi this too shall pass, they grow out of it pretty quick.

    Go buy some of those spoungey ear plugs, at least it will drown it out a little.

  7. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

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