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So, a girl walks into a gas station… August 6, 2008

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     For the past two nights, I’ve had the most unsettling dreams.  They are similar in theme and events, but they differ in witnesses and location.


     The dreams are unsettling by themselves (although I laughed a shaky little relief giggle after the first one), but to have them two nights in a row and almost exactly the same is sort of freaking me out.


     Two nights ago, I dreamed that I made a quick stop into a gas station restroom, and ended up giving birth to a baby I didn’t even know I was pregnant with, right on the bathroom floor.   Yuuuuuck.  Kenny was there, I think.  I don’t remember a lot about it, except that I had a tiny new baby that smelled like burned coffee and whoever came in to help me push had laid out a single row of paper towels on the floor for me to lay on, as if that was going to give me a cushion, not to mention sterility.


     Last night’s dream started out in a restaurant similar to one we visited while we were on vacation a few weeks ago.  I excused myself and walked up a long flight of stairs to use their bathroom, and the minute I stepped onto the red tile, I was nine months pregnant and in heavy labor.  Apparently the bathroom was also the coat-check room, because I made myself a nice nest of fur coats to give birth in.  I think my family was there, because I remember a little girl (who may have been Hannah) chirping in my ear.  (It was probably Hannah, in “real life”, asking for snacks or to play on the computer at 2:00 AM.)  Again, same baby, same pushing, same easy delivery.  Different smell, though, thank goodness.  😀


     So, what on EARTH could my subconscious be telling me?  Why is it that I have no idea I’m pregnant (or that I’m just NOT at all) until I enter the bathroom?  That would be, pregnant in my dream.  Not in reality.


     If I have this dream again tonight, I’m totally sending Kenny to the drugstore in his pajamas.


10 Responses to “So, a girl walks into a gas station…”

  1. K. Trainor Says:

    Yikes. Any chance you might actually be preggers? *ducks the flying shoe* ;0)

  2. Sparky Says:

    Anthony is getting kind of old now . . . 😉 lol I think you’d better send Kenny to the drugstore just to be sure. How can you even think of sleep after a dream like this?! Yikes!

  3. Kemi Says:

    No birthing dream last night… just one where we adopted a baby girl that someone had thrown away.


  4. kweenmama Says:

    Wow. What was the gender of the babies in the first two dreams? You’re not getting baby hungry are you????

  5. pppj Says:

    Perhaps something ‘big’ is happening to you that you don’t feel in control of – the school year, are the kids hitting any milestones, any new jobs? Anything taken you by surprise lately besides what is happening with your darling niece?

    It could be that you feel in control one minute, and your life turns upside down when you least expected it – money troubles, etc….

    Just a thought. The OUTCOME though is something you love (the baby) but the idea of just having one and being CLUELESS makes me wonder about any anxiety over surprises you have had.

  6. highhopes1 Says:

    I wonder if it is anxiety over your neice??? Maybe you subconsciously feel like you are entering a new phase of your life?

    I dunno, I’d go get a preg test just to make sure your body isn’t telling you something.

    Shout out to my friend Sparky!!!

  7. […] August 12, 2008 Recently I teased poor Kemi about being preggars when she posted about having dreams of pregnancy. I thought I would be clever and get in a good zing in her Comments section and run. But no…I […]

  8. K. Trainor Says:

    What. Did you do to me? 😀 Posted about you on my blog today.

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