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Breaking Dawn August 9, 2008

     I finished the book today…


     …the fourth and final book in the Twilight  vampire saga, all 754 pages of it.


     I had several reactions while reading the book, like when I got to page 124  (HOLY CRAP!  How is such a thing even possible, but awwww, isn’t it sweet?  Bella is so lucky!)  or to page 360 (I KNEW IT!!!)*, or to page 724, where I admit, I shed a little tear. 


     Another thing that surprised me was the amount of sex that was in the book.  It was all very chaste, with very little information and lots of innuendo, and they were married, which made it perfectly acceptable, but it was still surprising to read about it so often.  All I could think was, Kendra wants to read these books right now, and I told her she had to be at least 12.  Looks like we’ll be upping the age to 15, at least.  Really, I’m no prude.  I swear, I’m not.  My sister, who could barely stand to read Twilight because of all the “lovey-dovey” stuff, didn’t even notice the sex in Breaking Dawn, or at least not enough to be bugged by it.  I wonder if it really is just me, or if her perspective would be different if Abbie was older, and begging to read the series.  Maybe it’s a matter of acceptable vs. appropriate.  I’m not sure.


     By the time I got to the end, I felt a little “Heh.  So that’s it.  Well.  Huh.  I guess I should go load the dishwasher now.”  And that reaction made me feel terrible.  Disloyal, even.  I LOVED this series, from almost the minute I picked it up.  What happened?  What is my problem?


     I googled “Breaking Dawn Reviews”, hoping to make sense of my reaction (or lack of one), and was surprised to see so many people ripping the book apart.  Not just the book, but Stephanie Meyer, which was horrible and sad.  The personal attacks were way out of line.  Critique the book, sure, or the writing, or the editing, but leave the author’s character out of it.  Besides, I didn’t notice all the typos, or the repetitive verbs, or the repeated descriptions of Edward’s eyes that they were complaining about.  I guess I just read too fast to notice that, or I was too engrossed with creating a mental image of the story. 


     I was on Facebook earlier, looking at pieces of Flair (you should all add that application.  It’s so much fun!), and there were several for Breaking Dawn.  One of them had an image of a google search with “epic fail” in the text box and “Breaking Dawn” as the top search.  Another of the flair pieces suggested that Twilight be considered a trilogy, rather than a four-part saga.  I was really surprised.  In my opinion, Breaking Dawn  wasn’t that bad, really.  It was just sort of anticlimactic at the end.


     (This was my favorite flair button:  Jacob and Nessie have a son. They name him Billcob Jedward Charlisle Swullen-Black.  It made me giggle.)


     Anyway, I think I’ve said all I should.  I’m not sorry I read the book, I’m just sorry I wasn’t happier about how it ended.  I think the biggest problem was that I didn’t have a sense of real closure, and Stephanie Meyer said that this would be the last book in the series. 


     So, I’m on to a new book.  I hope it’s a touch more satisfying to finish.





*Kenny read Breaking Dawn  before I did, and we were discussing theories.  (Actually, he had facts.  I had the theories.)  I threw a suggestion out about Jacob and the object of his imprinting.  The following night, about 12:30 AM, after I read that I was right, I went running down the hallway from our bedroom to the family room, where Kenny was playing a video game.  “I KNEW IT!”  I yelled.  I swear, he jumped a foot in the air, and I had the double satisfaction of not only guessing correctly, but unintentionally startling him.  (He is ALWAYS scaring me in the dark.  On purpose.) 


Oh, sweet victories.


8 Responses to “Breaking Dawn”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’d heard from a few people the same thoughts…couldn’t believe that was it, and that she chose to end it that way….


    Good thing I haven’t picked up one of those books! “_

  2. kweenmama Says:

    I haven’t gotten the book yet, I need to. I remember feeling bummed at the end of book three…I wanted more for Jacob Black. Now I’m wondering what my reaction to book four is going to be like.

  3. deltay Says:

    “Jacob and Nessie have a son. They name him Billcob Jedward Charlisle Swullen-Black. ”

    LOL haha wow, I’ve really got to go add the Flair application!

    But I do agree about the ending of the book; there wasn’t really real closure, more of a sudden happy ending (oh look, Bella’s got her daughter, her husband, and ‘enough money to sustain an island country for at least a decade; then Jacob imprints on Nessie…) hence the hilarity of the above quote.

    I hadn’t heard about people considering it a triology and just basically disregarding BD yet… I suppose that’s the issue with running a Google search immediately after finishing the book (about 4 days after release) then checking again 8 days later.

  4. K Trainor Says:

    *plugs fingers in ears* Not listening! Not listening!!! Just started the series. lol! My dd is almost done with book 4. So now you’re telling me she’s reading about sex, huh? eesh.

    We got the first book from her school book order form, and I had no issues with the innuendo (wasn’t much) as she’s 13. But I haven’t read the others yet and she has. (sigh)

  5. OMG See …. 😉
    I knew it could have been better but I took it into perspective that she is aging the books with the readers as for the sex stuff, and it didn’t go into detail and it was with a married couple so I guess I saw it different. this wasn’t my fav of the four but it wasnt bad … *sigh*

    I loved it , but you are right, it was mostly anticlimactic!!
    gah -_-‘

    Well I’m glad you finally read it!!!

    Amber – ps I’m still not bloggin right now but I am done with my online courses!!! 🙂

  6. pppj Says:

    I’m on book three – thanks for the recommendation. So, they get married – no surprise.

    The first two books are great

  7. pppj Says:

    Ok, my house is messy but I’m done with book three

  8. zenbiscuit Says:

    The book grows on you. I strongly disliked it in the beginning, now I’m sort of warming to the idea of hybrid spawn and sex-in-the-sea.

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