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His ears ARE good for something! August 13, 2008

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     Anthony has embraced his “terrible twos” with surprising enthusiasm.


     So much enthusiasm that, if I went purely by instinct, he would have significant hearing loss and I would be permanently hoarse with the constant yelling.


     Isn’t it great that I am such a model of patience and control?


     (Whenever you’ve finished with your fit of giggles, let’s carry on with the post, shall we?)


     Earlier today I heard him reprimand one of his siblings for something s/he had done.  (Or hadn’t.  He’s never picky.)  Anthony’s usual reprimand is some sort of surprise physical punishment, such as a bite, a hit, a slap,  or a punch…  all followed by more of the same, until the sibling is a bruised and screaming heap on the floor and/or Mom intercedes.


     (I realize that my son is 2.  I also realize that his siblings are 9, 8 and 4.  Do YOU realize that my baby has super-human strength?  He’s the Superman of toddlers.  And not in the good way.)


     Today was different, though.  Today I heard him follow the offending party through the house, repeating “I am not happy with you.  Did you hear me?  I am not happy with you.  Not happy at all.  Are you listening?  I’M. NOT. HAPPY.”


     This made me smile for a few reasons:


1.  He DOES listen to what I tell him (!) even though he doesn’t usually act on it;

2.  He didn’t inflict any sort of bodily injury, which is a HUGE step;  and

3.  Any time kids try to act like grown-ups, I think it’s hilarious.



     Chalk one up for Mom.  Also for Anthony.  Today was a win-win.  A double victory.


     At least for one small moment.  (And as I typed that last line, I heard, “Ow.  Ow.  Ow.  OWWW.  MOMMY!!!!”)


     *sigh*  A VERY small moment.


3 Responses to “His ears ARE good for something!”

  1. kweenmama Says:

    Oh yes, the toddler stage…I remember it well. I had to cringe a few times when my kids were younger and I heard MY phrases coming out of their mouths. Did I really sound like that?

  2. Goldie Says:

    Yesterday my son was playing with a buddy (a male one!) and I heard, “Now wait just a minute, Sweetie, just hold on a second!” It just killed me. It sounds so funny when grown up talk springs forth verbatim from their tiny mouths.

  3. K. Trainor Says:

    “I’m. Not. Happy.” heehee! Bet that was hilarious!

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