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Jo-Bros = No-No August 14, 2008

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     The new “Nick” magazine came in the mail yesterday, featuring the Jonas Brothers.


     Kendra crossed out two of their faces, leaving the “hot one” unblemished.  (I really, really wish I were kidding.)


     Kendra is eight.  Suddenly, I feel middle-aged…


6 Responses to “Jo-Bros = No-No”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    Oh my! I remember doing things like that. I would cut out the ones I liked too.


  2. kweenmama Says:

    Oh just wait…I have four teenage daughters living here…just wait…

  3. Goldie Says:

    LOVE me some Jonas Brothers. Thank goodness one of them is over 18 so I don’t feel so much like a dirty old woman. I just wish he would stop with the straightening iron!

  4. K. Trainor Says:

    Soooo….which one is the “hot” one? My girls are ga-ga over Joe.

    Hey, at least they have a wholesome image, right? I remember being hot for the motorcycle jacket wearing, car racing, smoking Grease guys. lol!

  5. kspin Says:

    Yikes. My oldest is seven…I’m scared! 🙂

  6. High Hopes Says:

    My dd is crazy about the Jo-Bros (*shiver*) She is 11 and they have a little fan club started and all that stuff. I so remember looking through the magazines when I was her age. Sigh. I am middle aged.

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