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Come on in and sit a SPELL September 22, 2008

     We woke up this morning to clouds and rain. 


     I LOVE days like today, but they tend to make my kids antsy, because they can’t run outside and burn off their energy.  (This morning has proven to be no exception.)  We got Alex and Kendra off to school, Kenny off to the dealership, and Abbie down for a nap, and the little kids decided they wanted to watch a movie with the lights off.  Specifically, they wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


     We made popcorn and shut off all the lamps, and I had a blissful 48 seconds before I heard, “MOM!  Anthony’s throwing popcorn at me!”  and “OW!  Anthony hit me!” followed by, “AAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!  Mom, Hannah pinched me back.”


     (Sort of hard to feel sympathy for that last one…)


     We turned on the lights, cleaned up the popcorn, and they (sort of) watched the movie while they climbed over each other and tried to earn the title of Most Irritating Sibling in the World.  After another 15 minutes of noise and protests, I turned the movie off.


     About that time, Kristi called to check on Abbie, and in the background she could hear my kids yelling, “Expelliarmus!”  (I could only hear the yelling.  I tend to tune out the actual words.)  I looked over and saw them brandishing a slotted spoon and a silicone spatula at each other.  Whoever said the spell first was the wizard with the power, and the slower sibling (almost always Anthony) would fall to the ground, mortally wounded.


     (Clearly they didn’t pay attention, because any Harry Potter fan knows that “Expelliarmus” will blow your wand out of your hand, not cause you to fall on your side with your tongue hanging out.  THAT one is Avada Kedavra.  Sheesh.)


     After a few minutes, Hannah asked for some new spells.  I told her about Wingardium Leviosa, which, when she said it, sounded more like “Wingarmmmmm Levmmmasum” and Ridicculous, which just made her giggle.  They continued to shout spells at each other, until the “wands” became swords and we had a Lord of the Rings battle for Middle Earth, or in their case, the middle of the couch. 


     My little wizards.  Right now, as they’re alternately jumping off the arm of the couch and spinning frantically in circles until they lose their balance and fall over, I wish I could “Petrificus Totalus” their little behinds and work in a good nap.  Or finish paying the bills. 


     Or watch a good movie from start to finish, in the dark, with buttery popcorn that I won’t have to pick out of the carpet later.


3 Responses to “Come on in and sit a SPELL”

  1. kspin Says:

    I could go for a nice break with a movie and popcorn myself…can you petrify my kids from there? 🙂 good luck today!

  2. RACHEL Says:


    And so many if only’s and somedays…

    have missed you lately! Where’ve ya been?

  3. K. Trainor Says:

    Nice slice of life. Thank you for sharing–I needed a good smile. 😀

    (P.S. I really like the ‘Accio’ spell. As in, Accio cuppa java! Accio utterly lost remote control! Accio my car keys!) 😀

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