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Since when do seasons follow the retail rush? October 12, 2008

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     As I walked past the front window to go to bed last night, I did a double take and screamed for Kenny to come and see the snow.


     Yes, you read that right.  SNOW.  Snow, in early October.  Enough snow that it had covered the rooftops, grass, cars and flowers.  (sob!)


     We went to church this morning in a snowstorm, and by noon, the skies had cleared and the snow had melted.  Well, most of the snow.  There is still quite a bit up in the trees, and my kids are laughing hysterically at the big plop! plop! plop! the heavy, wet snow makes as it gets blown off the branches.


     Snow in October reminds me of when I used to work at JC Penney, and they hung the Christmas decorations in mid-July.  We were listening to Christmas carols in September, and by Halloween, we could name every song– in order!– on the background-music playlist.


     It was ridiculous.


     Let’s do one season at a time, eh Mother Nature?  NO MORE SNOW until Halloween has safely passed.  In fact, snow isn’t necessary until December.  One shouldn’t have to go from 90-degree temperatures to 30-degree temperatures in a two-week period.  It’s not natural. 


     I’m going to go curl up in my down comforter, in front of the heater, with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.  Let me know when it’s fall again, okay?


10 Responses to “Since when do seasons follow the retail rush?”

  1. Rachel, with her AC on Says:

    Just turned my AC on tonight…was the perfect sunny, fall day.

    Come for a visit?? 🙂

  2. Wendy Says:

    What a depressing weekend it’s been. I want Fall back….if you find it let me know.

  3. sparky Says:

    OK. Sorry, Kem-mers. Almost a perfect summer day here. Not a cloud in the sky. Your snow WILL melt right away. Won’t it?! I mean, it’s not permanent, yet, is it?! That would be so — unfair.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my fall photos, Kemi. I’m sorry you’re having snow so early. I can’t imagine! But the mountains must be gorgeous there.

  5. lifeofdi Says:


  6. Sharene Says:

    I agree. I love snow, but not so early! I love fall and the colors and didn’t get to enjoy them much before it got too cold. I do love hot chocolate though! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

  7. High Hopes Says:

    I was getting antsy back in August when Costco pulled out their Christmas decorations – ICK. Way too early. But the time is flying by, and its hard to believe we are halfway through October.

    Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I was out snooping around a week ago and happened by the body shop and got a whole bunch of goodies for 25% off and then I used my bodyshop card for an extra 10%. I finished up getting the gifts for my neices, sister, best friend, the dd’s three teachers and the school secretary goddess!

    I went into the body shop today and found the exact same thing for full price, but a different canister – summer to winter line I guess.

    Maybe the snow willput you in a Christmas shopping mood.

    Its rainy and windy here. ICK

  8. kweenmama Says:

    We weren’t too happy about the snow here either. And now it’s gone and warming up a bit again. Welcome to Utah!

  9. K. Trainor Says:

    Yikes on the snow! Note to self–do not move near Kemi or Kween–Michigan is bad enough!

    Hey, swing that voodoo chicken around a few times. Maybe that’ll help…?

  10. gr8tful Says:

    Fall is just awesome! I love it too! Can you bottle up some of that snow and mail it to me….hahahaha

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