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*cry* October 25, 2008

Filed under: kids,The Looney Bin — Kemi @ 1:07 am

     We lost our kitty. 


     On Monday, one of the kids left the back door open, and she made her escape.  Hannah saw her in the yard on Wednesday, but she yelled so loud that it scared the poor cat back under the house.  No one has seen her since.  She hasn’t touched the food we left out for her, and the dogs quit “guarding” the tunnel under our back stairs, which makes me think she is no longer there.


     Midnight, where are you?


     She can be a huge pain sometimes, like when she uses the downstairs carpet as her personal litterbox, but she has been a good companion over the past 10 years, and I’m not ready to lose her for good.  Especially if it’s to a mean neighborhood dog, someone’s tires, or the elements.


     Here are my biggest concerns:


1.  She’s completely black.  Next week is Halloween. 

2.  She’s always been an indoor cat.  Never allowed outside.  Once this past summer she snuck out like this, but it was 60 degrees warmer and she was only gone for a few days.  Plus, she stayed under the stairs, close to home and food. 

3.  Because she’s an indoor cat, she is not current on her shots.  (Although if we do find her, she’s making an emergency trip to the vet.  She’ll be so happy.) 

4.  Nightly temperatures are in the 30s.  She is a big, fat baby when it comes to cold.

5.  If she is roaming the streets, how will she find her way back to us?

6.  Even though we found her in an abandoned barn as a kitten and she was as wild as can be, she’s had 10 years of pampering.  Does she remember how to hunt?  Or is she starving somewhere? 


     After I put the kids to bed each night, I usually go sit outside on the back steps and call for her, hoping she’ll respond to my voice.  Tonight I stayed out until my toes were numb, and I didn’t hear or see anything.  Does she want to come home?  Is she able to?  Does she know how much we miss her?  Does she know how much we love her?  *sob*


     Stupid cat.  Stupid kids.


     I’m so sad.


7 Responses to “*cry*”

  1. Rachel, with her AC on Says:

    That is so rough!! I hope she returns soon…

  2. Wendy Says:

    How sad!! maybe she’s just on vacation and will be back soon? But where do cats go for vacation?

  3. lifeofdi Says:

    😦 I’m so sad for you! Both of us shouldn’t have kitty troubles. Just make sure to call all the shelters, and here’s hoping she comes home soon…

    Losing kitties is no fun…

  4. SkeleGrow Says:

    Im sure she’ll show up–why not ask the angel Behemiel for a little help? He got my kitty back for me a few times.

  5. kweenmama Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Midnight. Calling the shelters is a good idea. She may return…we once had a bird get out of his cage and fly away, we were able to get him back two days later. A BIRD–which is probably harder to get back than a cat. Don’t give up hope.

  6. High hopes Says:

    Aw Kem, I hope Midnight returns. It is so tough when a pet gets lost. I can’t imagine how hard it is on you and the kidlets.

  7. K. Trainor Says:

    Big hugs to you, Kemi. Our kitty went missing for a week once and returned to us safe and sound and smelling of hay. I presume he found a comfy barn to hang out in somewhere. Cats are very smart–don’t give up hope!

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