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Halloween, the Sequel November 1, 2008

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     When I was discussing my easy Halloween in yesterday’s post, I spoke a little prematurely about what a great day it had been.  Don’t get me wrong– the day was good, even if my feet were killing me.  It was what happened post-nap that was a bummer.


     The plan was to get dressed in costumes, head to Grandma’s church for trunk-or-treating at 5:30 PM, eat soup and breadsticks at her house (and Grandpa’s Halloween donuts, which are easily the best part of Halloween), then drive back to our neighborhood so Kenny could take them trick-or-treating.



     It happened a little differently, however…


Hannah's "Isabella" costume, and where it remained for the night.

Hannah's "Isabella" costume, and where it remained for the night.


     Hannah got violently sick with some mystery stomach bug, and spent the night hovering over the toilet.  Kenny was supposed to be off at 6:00 to meet us at my parents’ house, but he was in the middle of a car deal and couldn’t break away.  I couldn’t even take my kids trick-or-treating, because Hannah was too sick to come with us, and I couldn’t leave her alone.



     So, I did what any other 34-year-old woman would do…  I called my mom.


     She came to get Alex, Kendra and Anthony, and when they were too late to trunk-or-treat, my sweet sister Kelli took them around her neighborhood so they’d at least have a *little* bit of candy.  (They came home with 10 times the amount I gave away, so I don’t think they were hurting at all!)  Mom fed them dinner and kept them busy until Kenny could get home from work.  Then, she brought Anthony home so I could put him to bed (and she brought me soup and bread bowls!  Yummy!)  Kenny took Alex and Kendra through our neighborhood by car, because at 7:45 PM, when he finally got off of work, a majority of front porch lights had been turned off.  (What is that about?  When I was little, we stayed out until AT LEAST 8:30 PM, and that was on a school night.) 


     As for poor Hannah– she spent the night running to the bathroom to get sick every 20 minutes, and when I wasn’t holding back her hair, I was passing out candy.  At one point she asked me, “Mommy?  Is it okay that I didn’t go trick-or-treating this year?  It is, isn’t it?”  I assured her that her siblings would be required to share part of their loot with her, and that made her happy.  She rationalized that she could use her costume next year, but I’m going to let her wear it all weekend if she’s feeling up to it.


     So, to recap:  Halloween day?  Good.  Halloween night?  Fun for most; yucky for Hannah.  The kids scored more candy than they could eat in six months, and Kenny sold a car.  (Hello, commissions!  Yay!)  The only thing I’m super-bummed about is the fact that I missed out on my dad’s Halloween donuts.


     I guess there’s always next year.  For Hannah, too.



7 Responses to “Halloween, the Sequel”

  1. Wendy Says:

    sorry she was sick, that’s so sad. My little guy woke up puking today….gotta love that bug!

  2. pppj Says:

    Oh that’s a bummer. Was it a 24 hour thing?

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I am so sorry she was sick, but at least the kids got to have fun. to answer your questions, the zoo was not crowded at all is was nice and yes Nicoles loves the Merry go round she kept saying Horsey….and NOOOOO I didnt make their costumes I wish I was that handy actually my sister in law gave me Nicoles and a girlfriend let me borrow Carters or we would have been home. We dont have money for costumes 🙂

  4. Baby Girl was sick too! She puked in her car seat while in costume. Fun stuff. Little Man, Daddy & Nana all went Trick-or-treating anyway with Baby Girl’s bucket.

  5. Rachel Says:

    OH MAN! I SPOKE MY HOORAYS TOO SOON! I am so sorry she was so sick. It seems like many of my friends who live back west had a tummy bug on Halloween night. Weird!

  6. Goldie Says:

    That is so sad. It breaks your heart when they miss out on fun things, ESPECIALLY because they are feeling miserable! Poor thing. Hope she wasn’t too upset (and got LOTS of consolation candy!)
    I am sure your kids had so much loot b/c they used the “sick sister at home” bit… but this time it was TRUE!

  7. High hopes Says:

    I hate it when my dd misses things because of being sick.

    Hope she is better and still got a lot of goodies!

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