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“It’s the Holiday Season!” November 3, 2008

     When Alex was about 20 months old, my dad taught him that phrase, and took great delight in coaxing my precocious boy into repeating it for anyone with ears.  Of course, eight years ago it sounded more like, “Issa haw-day sisson”, but it was still enormously entertaining and so precious it made your eyes tear up.


     Or maybe just mine.


     Anyway, when we were at the zoo on Halloween, while we were eating lunch, my dad asked Alex what November 1 would usher in.  All four kids (who were all taught to proclaim the celebratory phrase) piped up with variations of “the holiday season!!!”  My dad just beamed.  It’s sort of an inside joke to the rest of us, now that they’re all past the cutesy phase of baby chatter, except to my dad.  For him, hearing any of his grandchildren utter that four-word phrase is akin to hearing them deliver a Nobel Prize acceptance speech.


     (The pride that man has for his grandkids is so endearing!  He’s like a mama bear, only, well…  a grandpa.)


     So, in keeping with the “Holiday Season” (which, I should add, means THANKSGIVING too!), what did I wake up to this morning?   CHRISTMAS MUSIC.  On November 3.  Not scattered merrily between a regular pop-music lineup, but BAM!  Christmas music, 24/7.  FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS.


     I could cry.  I really could.


     To add insult to injury, Hannah asked me if she could watch Elf  today, because it was almost Christmas.  (This is the child whose birthday is the day before Thanksgiving, and I honestly think she’d give up turning 5- a milestone birthday!- if it meant she could skip straight to December 24.)  We love Elf— it’s one of our favorites.  Watching it today, however, feels like watching it in July.  And now Hannah and Anthony want to put up the Christmas tree.  Today.  Right now.


     Over my dead body. 


     So we’ve got Christmas music, Christmas movies, fall leaves and 60-degree temperatures.  Looks like it’s just me and my i-pod from now until November 27.  And my pilgrims.  And my pumpkins.  I’m going to decorate the heck out of Thanksgiving, just to make a point.


     I just hope I don’t start singing along to “The Christmas Song” while I’m hanging up the turkey.



8 Responses to ““It’s the Holiday Season!””

  1. High hopes Says:

    “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” (Insert Bing Crosby voice here)

    In about 3 1/2 weeks we will be putting our tree up – seems like I just got it down a few weeks ago 🙂 (for those of you who remember how long it took me to get it down. It comes faster and faster each year, we are 3 pay days away from Christmas. Yikes.

    I do draw the line at Christmas carols in November.

    Kids are so cute at that age. I remember when my dd was so scared of getting a Santa picture. I never forced it though, so we have some gaps in the Santa montage. Oh well. I always found it a creepy thing sitting on a strangers lap and having your picture taken with him.

    “Deck the halls with boughs of holly, falala lala”

    I know – I’m going back to my blog now.

  2. I heard Christmas music on the radio on our drive back up Sunday. No Christmas anything is allowed until AFTER Thanksgiving. Personal rule of mine.

    I did do a photohunt post about it…

  3. lifeofdi Says:

    I love this post. In my house, my mom and I were the Christmas freaks. My dad enjoys the family aspect of the holiday but feels it is overmarketed/commercialized. He forbade my mom and I from playing Christmas music before December. But as soon as that hit, we had the lights and decorations up, the music pumping, and the holiday treat machine churning.

  4. Kemi Says:

    I suppose I should clarify…

    I LOVE Christmas. I love all things Christmas– the music, the decorations, the baking, the gifts, the tree– ALL of it.

    I just don’t love it until after Thanksgiving. I hate feeling like my holidays are rushed, and by the time it’s time to celebrate Christmas, I’m tired of it, because it’s all I’ve seen/heard for two months.

    I remember making the hour-long trip from Sandy to Roy when I was little, to spend Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. We were always so excited to hear a Christmas song on the radio, because we only heard two or three on the way there, and the same amount on the way home. Then, every day the numbers would increase, until the radio station did their “100 Hours of Christmas”, and then it tapered off again between Christmas and New Year’s. THAT is the way to do Christmas music. Start small, and increase gradually; then, reverse.

    As it is now, you hear solid Christmas music from midnight on November 1 to midnight on December 26, when suddenly you’re back to straight pop.

  5. kspin Says:

    I LOVE holiday music, but not until at least after Thanksgiving as well. I worked in retail for 6 years and that pretty much ruined any want to start early. It’s still so warm here that I almost forget to decorate or play music at all! 😉

  6. PS: what’s the code for your badge in your posts?

  7. Rachel Says:

    GET OUT OF HERE! CHRISTMAS MUSIC ALREADY??? NO WAY! I definitely agree that in moderation, it can be fun to hear before Thanksgiving….SMALL DOSES. Then go big after turkey day.

    Am feeling for you….really. 🙂 CHRISTMAS OVERLOAD!

  8. Wendy Says:

    SO funny I was driving carpool this morning and flipped on FM 100 to O Holy night . I was like what….next song another Christmas one….I think it is a little much. I’m with you on enjoying the one before you. We’ll wait for the tree and music till after the Turkey.

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