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Jiminy Cricket! It’s Election Day! November 4, 2008

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     This morning was a flurry of activity at my house. That is almost always the case, but today I had to get out the door with the kids so I could teach Kendra’s class this morning. Pajamas may work for driving them to school, but they most certainly do not work as appropriate classroom attire. Of course, I myself have NEVER driven my loved ones anywhere in my pajamas… *cough, cough*


     I taught, the third-graders had fun, and I filled my social/parental duty for this week. I do miss the classroom sometimes, but not enough to teach full time. It’s nice to hear praise, though, and Kendra’s teacher is either very easily impressed or very, very nice.  Either way, I’m grateful for the opportunity she gives me to teach every few weeks, even if it’s just for an hour or so. 


     Anyway, back to this morning.  I had a few minutes before we left for school, so I snuck in a quick Google Reader read, and I got to this wonderful post:    Today is November 4th.  Election Day.  Kelly, I thought about your words all morning, about not voting for the lesser evil, but instead, the person I could get behind with a clear conscience.  I decided that I would vote for the candidate I could support with my whole heart and mind, even though there was no chance he could win the election.  Amazingly, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for that. 


     I came home from school, collected Kenny, Hannah and Anthony, and headed to the voting station.  When I got to the polls I entered my candidate’s name (I’ve voted in five presidential elections and have never done a write-in before today) on the screen, and I swear my soul was singing.  I have never voted with such conviction.  I voted for a real flesh-and-blood person– a viable candidate– whose name I am not going to share, because really, what does it matter?  My super-political father would probably accuse me of throwing my vote away, but I prefer to think of it as making a decision I felt was best for my family and my country.  And my spirit. 


     Oh boy, do I feel good!  I’m actually looking forward to tracking the election results on television tonight, after the kids go to bed.  I remember the Bush/Gore election, and how riveting it was.  I hope tonight is full of that much excitement, only with a clear winner.  I’ll be content, knowing I voted for the man I thought was the most capable of representing our great nation, even though he won’t win.  Maybe his name will be on the ballot in 2012. 


     And Kelly, thank you for speaking your heart and giving me the courage to vote with mine.



3 Responses to “Jiminy Cricket! It’s Election Day!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    AMEN SISTER! I completely feel the same way. I’ve really been praying to find a peace with whomever I chose, and that suddenly came to me yesterday…just in a moment as I was listening to one of the candidates speak. It was nothing they said–nothing they did–just a feeling I got. And I knew who I needed to vote for. Whether this man wins or not, I too feel so behind my decision. Makes me feel PROUD!

  2. lifeofdi Says:

    I personally do not think any vote cast is a vote wasted. Now your candidate may not have a snowball’s chance of winning, however, I strongly feel that by voting, for anyone, we have become an integral part of our country and society.

  3. K. Trainor Says:

    Kemi, you’ve made my day! 😀 I, too, had a friend tell me I was “wasting” my vote. I just don’t see it that way. My guy won’t win, either, but in my heart I’m just fine with my decision. Big hugs to you, girlfriend–ya done good. ;0)

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