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Halloween III November 6, 2008

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     (I PROMISE, this will be the last Halloween post I do for at least 11 months.  Although, if you think about it, my posts aren’t unlike the countless Halloween  movie sequels, so maybe it’s not so bad.)


     I was sick on Sunday, and I stayed home from church.  Hannah got sick at church, so I went to pick her up.  When she got home, she put on her Isabella costume and let me take a picture.  I forgot to take my camera off of the macro setting (duh!), so she’s fuzzy, but it’s very much how her stomach felt, so think of it as thematic.  Representational.  Symbolic.  Uh, yeah.




     I’ve also included a reference picture from the cartoon, so you can see what we were *trying* to go for.  (Remember neon-haired Alex?  Perhaps you’ll recognize him dressed as Ferb, as well as his playtpus, Perry.) 


                 isabella                  phineas__ferb






     So, that brings us to the end of Halloween.  (Hooray!!!)  Stay tuned for the rest of the Holiday Season.  If the rest of the year is as exciting as the last two days have been– six inches of snow, anyone?– I am going into hibernation.  😀



2 Responses to “Halloween III”

  1. lifeofdi Says:

    Haha! Ogden is not snowing. Yet…

  2. I am one of the ones who didn’t understand Alex’s costume until now. I’ve never seen that cartoon. But he looked mighty cute with neon hair.

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