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Heat me, baby, one more time… November 12, 2008

     This post is based on a 13-year-long fight over the thermostat.  Not a fight, really, as much as a sneaky contest to see who can keep the heat at their desired temperature the longest.


     Kenny is always turning the heat up.  He gets cold very easily, and because he’s diabetic, his circulation is poor.  His feet are always like ice, and he is never without socks and slippers.  (He refers to them as “foot mittens”.  I’m not sure if it’s a German thing or what, but it’s annoyingly endearing.  Most days.)  He’d love to see the heat set at around 71 degrees, but the thrifty side of him can handle the heat being a little bit lower.  (In the summer, however, he wants to set the air conditioner to 67 degrees, which causes the A/C unit to run for 18 hours nonstop.  While it feels heavenly to be greeted by an arctic blast on a hot summer day, we can hardly afford the $300/month electical bill to make it so, and thus the temperature is set to 72.)


     I think the reason he’s always cold is that he putters around the house in next-to-nothing.  I mean, dress for the season!  (Or at all.)  I have to laugh when he sits on the couch bundled up in blanket after blanket, shivering and freezing to death– in his foot mittens, of course– and complaining of the cold, when he’s only wearing a thin layer of some white polyester blend undergarments and it’s snowing outside.


*Hi, Honey!  I love you!  Go back to work!*


     I, on the other hand, wear pajamas to bed, wear real clothes during the day (or sometimes pajamas, but don’t tell anyone…), I have some extra, well, let’s just call it “insulation”, and I am almost always hot.  I have set the thermostat to 66 over the past few days, and I’ve been comfortable.  Cold at times, but nothing a sweater can’t help with.  It’s deliciously cozy, and it actually feels like fall.  I sleep better at night, too, because I stay burrowed under the covers and I don’t wake up all sweaty and hot.  If it were up to me, I’d keep the thermostat set at 64 degrees through the winter.


     My family knows when they come to my house, they bring sweaters.  (I think they’re being silly, but whatever.)  We know that when we go to theirs, we dress lightly, as their thermostat is always set to at least 73, and it feels sweltering.  My kids never complain of being too cold or too hot, so I’m going to assume that they are usually comfortable with whatever the temperature is, or they don’t notice, or they’re too– gasp!– polite to comment. 


     [Heat-related flashback:  I had a roommate in college who would set the heat to 85 degrees.  It felt like an OVEN, especially since Rexburg hovered between -15 and 10 degrees that winter.  It got so bad we used to flip the heat circuit breakers to off, but unfortunately after two or three times, she caught on.  Ah, good times.  Six 19-year-olds in a three bedroom apartment is always a risk.]


     So, Kenny and I have worked out a heat compromise where we keep it at 68 during the day, and 66 at night.  He can’t complain about the cold unless he’s actually dressed in real, substantial clothing, and the back of our couch now hosts five (FIVE!) blankets, three of which can be claimed by him at any given time. 


     What I’m curious about is, what do you keep your thermostat set to?  Do you have similar fights over the internal temperature of your home?  Are you usually too cold or too hot?


     While you’re answering, I’m going to go grab a sweater.  And some chamois socks.  😀



10 Responses to “Heat me, baby, one more time…”

  1. I am usually cold, I can deal with the heat and hubby is usually hot.

    During the day when I am at home and working in the basement, the thermostat is set at 66 (possibly lower) and goes up to 68 in the evening when the kids re home. I usually let him set it cooler than what is comfortable for me as I can always add layers on to warm up.

    Even in the summer I am usually sleeping under a sheet and he’s not covered at all.

  2. I am usually hot. The husband is usually cold. We have ours set to 62 at night and then 66 after the husband comes home until bedtime. He has gotten used to it. I think the $300 heating bills convinced him. Although he tries to be polite when company comes over and turns it up to 68 and then I am DYING. I foiled that plan the last time.

  3. lifeofdi Says:

    Geez. I would be a popsicle in your house. My apartment is at 71. If it was up to me it would be anywhere from 75-80 all the time. Except summer, when I would just turn it all off and bask in the natural heat. I usually have at least one blanket on at home, even at 71, and die at work because it is very cold.

    There aren’t really fights. As long as Matt keeps the windows closed and I don’t sneak the heat up. We seem to have reached a happy medium. Although this summer was bad because he’s an AC addict, and I would rather just open the window at night.

    And I was the roommate turning it up to 85 😀

  4. During the summer ours is set to 76, but I still sometimes get cold with the air conditioning since I grew up without it. During the winter it is 70 or 71. Sometimes I wake up sweating and I hate that feeling. We live in a small apartment, so our electricity bill is never too bad. It’s usually around $80 or $90 per month.

  5. High hopes Says:

    My hub and I go through the same thing. He is always nagging at me about the heat. We usually keep it around 68 and then a little lower at night, we all sleep better. Usually I am comfortable, but there are times with the amount of rain we get it is damp. So I like to chase away the damp a bit. The thing that bugs me the most is the hub will crab at me for turning up the heat and tell me to put a sweater on. And then he will sneak it up when he is cold and I never crab back at him. So there is a double heat hog standard in our house.

  6. I stand corrected. The thermostat is set at 62 during the week day and 68 in the evenings & weekends.

  7. kweenmama Says:

    We are the opposite of you. I am the one that is always cold and wearing my favorite fuzzy socks on my feet. Our thermostat is currently set at 71 degrees.

  8. Rachel Says:

    Between 69-71 during the day…66-69 at night. I know–we’re wusses here. 🙂

  9. Zane Says:

    I currently live with my brother and his wife and 5 year old son. His wife is from the Philipines and is used to hot tropical weather. She likes to keep the heat high (higher than 68) so she can walk around in shorts and t-shirts. That is way too hot for me. I told them 68 is the highest they should have it and they can bundle up if they’re still cold. The weather lately has been fluxuating around 35-45 outside lately. It’s not freezing, just cold and not even very cold. 68 is too hot inside the house. I try to lower it but my brother keeps telling me to leave it alone. This is starting to become a problem. It doesn’t help that my bro is one of the most stubborn people. Even if I told him to do research on preferred temperatures, he’d still insist on keeping it at 68. And I’m the one living in the basement where it’s cold all the time! If I can tolerate the cold by bundling up, then so should they, especially upstairs where it’s already too hot.

  10. Nice info=) hope to come back.

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