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Today’s silver lining brought to you by… Kelli November 20, 2008

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     Today was a long day.  Loooooong day.  Some ups, some downs (some REAL downs), and a lot of exhaustion.  I have a huge headache.


     About 6:15 PM, my sister Kelli knocked on the door and said she had a fun surprise, just because.  I followed her out to her car, where she had six adorable reindeer tumblers for me.  She found them at the grocery store for $1 each, and she apologized for not making them “cuter” when she delivered them.


     Honestly, the only thing that could have made her “just because” surprise better would have been if each glass was filled to the brim with frosty Wild Cherry Pepsi.  On the other hand, I would have been up all night (hello, caffeine) either bouncing off the walls or making repetitive trips to the bathroom (hello, gallon of soda).  Probably both.  So, they were perfect as they came.


     I rinsed out my gifts and we used them for dinner.  Everyone was so excited– especially Kendra, who had a really rotten day.  The $1 glasses were a godsend.


     Kelli, if you’re reading this– thank you SO much for stopping by with the reindeer glasses.  Your timing was perfect, as always.  You lifted the spirits of six people tonight.  We all love you very much.


     Everyone else– raise your (reindeer) glasses in a toast to a better tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Today’s silver lining brought to you by… Kelli”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Raising my invisible glass to a better day with you…

  2. Kemi Says:

    UPDATE: About 4:20 this afternoon, I heard a gentle knock at my door. I looked out the window and saw someone hurrying away from my door to a car that looked a lot like Kelli’s Volvo.

    What did I find on my doorstep?

    A case of Wild Cherry Pepsi.

    Kelli, you rock.

  3. kspin Says:

    Aww. Thank goodness for sisters! Especially ones with names that start with K! Like ALL my sisters! 😉

  4. kweenmama Says:

    Wild Cherry Pepsi. You and my sister would get along great!

  5. K. Trainor Says:

    Sisters are the best! 😀 Here’s hoping you have a great weekend, Kemi. HugHugHug!

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