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Desperately Seeking Silence November 22, 2008

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     As I type this, I have one child asking me to find Nintendo cheat codes, my dad is (loudly!) channel surfing while the BYU/Utah game takes a commercial break, the dogs are play-fighting around my feet, Anthony is downstairs shouting at his sisters, the dryer is buzzing, the dishwasher is doing its thing, and what I really want to do is tune all of it out by taking a long, QUIET nap.


     I think I’ll have to settle for my i-pod, at least for now.  It won’t be silent, but at least it will shut out all the other noise.



2 Responses to “Desperately Seeking Silence”

  1. Rachel Says:

    or you could have left the house and called me– 🙂

    We really should chat sometime…I am dying to!

  2. K. Trainor Says:

    I understand completely and hope you got some silence sometime since then. I MUST have a bit of silence every day or I rip my hair out. (Ok, not literally.) Constant noise makes me feel jittery, nervous and ornery. 😦

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