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A Thankful FHE November 25, 2008

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     Since Alex and Kendra were tiny, it’s been a Family Home Evening tradition to put up our “Thankful Turkey” after Halloween, and add a feather for every thing we’re thankful for.  He starts bare, and by the end of November, our turkey has a fully-feathered tail.  I have saved all of our “clouds” from the past five years, and we get a big kick out of reading them.  From 2003 to now, some things have changed, while others stay exactly the same. 


     (This is the first year Alex hasn’t said been thankful for “Yellow”,  his baby blanket, even though he sleeps with it every night.  I wonder if it’s a sign of his impending adolescence?)


     This year our turkey was looking rather bare, so for tonight’s FHE we filled in our list of things to be thankful for.  We each took turns putting up the feathers, and I’m happy to report that not only are we thankful for a multitude of new things, but our turkey has a nice, full plumage. 





     (My friend Fighting Windmills did something similar with her kids today, and it was such a great idea, I had to share.  I’m going to put this in my mental file for next year and hope I remember it.)


     After we finished dressing our Thankful turkey, we made edible ones out of this:




     Here are the finished results:


                               the-biggest-turkey-of-all   my-turkey   alex-turkey  

                               kendra-turkey   hannah-turkey   anthony-turkey



     Everyone enjoyed their turkeys, although it’s hard to say whether more fun was had making or devouring them. 


     At this very moment, I am especially thankful that all four kids are sleeping SOUNDLY (an after-effect of the sugar high,    I’m sure).


2 Responses to “A Thankful FHE”

  1. Cute! Your idea is great too. Those cookie-candy turkeys do look like a lot of fun to make. Happy Birthday to Hannah!

  2. kspin Says:

    Cute turkey! I did something like this for Thanksgiving but with all of our Thanksgiving guests. I put a bare tree trunk with branches and let everyone add leaves with their thanks on them. I’m glad you reminded me of this. I need to make a trunk now. 🙂

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