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The Bad-Mommy Post November 29, 2008

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     (There, I said it.  Commence stoning.)


     Normally they are well-behaved little angels (except for Anthony, who is a horribly-behaved little angel), but today my ears are ringing, my jaws ache from clenching my teeth so hard, and I keep stepping on the hundreds of itty, bitty toys Anthony dumped out and threw around the house and down the stairs.  There have been at least two instances today where I actually had to clench my fists to keep from spanking them.  Or shaking them.  Or ripping out my hair by the fistful. 


     Tonight’s bedtime will be an early one.


     And I’m not talking about theirs.




One Response to “The Bad-Mommy Post”

  1. Goldie Says:

    LOVE the pic! And I could SO relate to the post. I hope the days have gotten easier since then!

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